123.hp.com/setup - Download Printer Software - hp123.com/setup


123.hp.com/setup - Download Printer Software - hp123.com/setup

123.hp.com/setup - Install and download HP Printer driver software for HP printer setup. Before you scanning a documents into your devices with a 123.hp.com/setup scanner, you need to install the printer scanner driver so that your Printer scanner and devices can communicate. Start by connecting the printer setup scanner to your devices with USB port.

How to download and install HP printer drivers from 123.hp.com/setup?

  1. Switch on the HP printer and computer

  2. Open web browser and type 123.hp.com/setup

    • Make sure to install cartridges, load paper, and power on the printer. Click Download to get the recommended software for your printer.

  3. Enter HP Printer model number in the space provided

  4. Choose the printer driver

  5. Click on download button

  6. Go to the downloaded folder and run the software file to install the drivers

HP Printer Wireless Protected Setup

US Driver setup offers the recent version of printer drivers and software in a click as in 123.hp.com. You may avail of the latest version of printer drivers, software, and firmware for both Windows and MAC. Also, we offer the instructions for installing the downloaded drivers to your Windows or MAC PC.

HP Printer Wireless Protected Setup in Windows

  1. Turn on your printer.

  2. Open printer control and click on wireless icon.

  3. The wizard searches and displays a list of available networks.

  4. Select the name of your network to complete the connection. If needed, download the HP wireless software.

  5. Enter the SSID of your home network and password and connect your Printer to the wireless network at 123.hp.com/setup.

  6. The printer can also be connected directly to your router using the WPS button. Press the WPS button on your Router and printer to connect your HP printer directly to the home

123 HP Printer Driver Installation

Installation of the Printer Driver for Windows

  1. You can install the printer without the requirement of software

  2. Use the drivers built into the windows operating system

  3. The windows print driver provides basic functionality for printers

  4. Disconnect any USB cables to your printer

  5. Under ‘Change Device Installation Settings’ click on ‘Yes’ and save your changes

  6. Connect your printer with a USB cable or through the local network and install the 123.hp.com/setup printer driver with the help of the ‘Add a Printer’ Wizard

Installation of the Printer Driver for Mac OS

  1. Install the driver in the Mac OS X using the Apple Software update

  2. Under ‘System Preferences’ choose ‘Printers & Scanners’

  3. From the printer list, click on the ‘minus’ sign to delete the printer first and then ‘plus’ sign to add it back

  4. Click ‘Add’ to complete the addition of the printer

  5. You will be prompted to install the software for which you can click on ‘Download and Install’

Installation of the Printer Driver on smartphone

  1. To install the printer on your smartphone, first, determine the name of the network on which you have configured your printer

  2. Connect your mobile device to the same network – for this, you just have to go to your mobile device’s Wi-Fi settings and find the network

  3. Once you do, you are ready to print.

HP Printer Setup on Windows

Hp printer setup on Windows – learn how?

Hp printer setup on Windows – When you set up your 123.HP.com/setup printer with HP recommended software on your computer, the print driver is installed and you can access the features that the printer supports. When you print documents, photos, and web pages. You can use this print driver to change color, paper, quality settings, and more.

After opening the HP printer setup by windows print driver, see the instructions in this document to see or change the configuration location.

Steps to setup HP Printer on Windows :-

Open the print settings window

Learn how to launch the HP Print Driver window from a general-purpose Windows application and navigate to different tabs and menus.

  1. On your computer, open the document or photo , click the File or menu icon, and then click Print .
    The Print or Print Photo window or pane opens, displaying general settings for the print job, including a menu for selecting the printer to use for printing.

  2. From the main print window or pane, open Document Properties or Print Settings to access the 123.hp.com/setup print driver settings. The name of the button or link depends on the application performing the print.

    • Word Microsoft : [Printer Properties] to click

    • Paint and WordPad : [Basic] Click the

    • Windows Photo Viewer : the bottom right of the screen [options] and click, in the print settings window [Printer Properties] to click

    • PDF Reader Adobe : [Properties] to click

  3. To see different settings, click the tab at the top of the window. Click the Advanced button to access other settings. This button is usually on the Layout tab.

  4. If you see the Print Shortcuts tab, you can click this tab to use shortcuts that already have preferences that correspond to common print job types.

HP Printer Setup By USB

HP printer setup by USB cable connection to your Windows computer . To get maximum support from a USB-connected printer, install the full-featured HP driver.

Step 1: Preparing to HP Printer Setup By USB Drive

After reviewing the requirements, remove the previously installed printer version from Windows to prepare for USB connection setup and driver installation.

  1. Before you start, review the following requirements and items:

    • The printer is turned on and ready to use.

    • Have a USB cable that is less than 3 meters (9 feet 10 inches) long.

    • Your computer has a USB port available. When connecting via a USB hub or docking station, the printer may not receive enough power to operate properly.

    • If you connected the USB cable to your computer before installing the HP driver, continue with the steps below to remove the printer from the installed device to complete the setup successfully. If not, proceed to the next step to install the driver.

  2. Remove the USB cable from your computer. During the driver installation procedure, do not reconnect the cable until instructed to do so.

  3. Search for ” devices ” in Windows and click the Devices and Printers control panel settings in the search results .

  4. Right-click the icon for your printer model, then click Remove Device. If there are multiple icons on the same printer, delete them all.

  5. Close the Devices and Printers window and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Install the driver then set up the connection

Download and install the best printer driver to complete the USB connection.

  1. 123.hp.com/setup enter the access to your printer model of the”, and download the driver and the on-screen instructions. Depending on your printer model, the driver-guided installation app HP Easy Start will be downloaded.

    • Follow the onscreen instructions to open the download file and launch setup once the driver or HP Easy Start has been downloaded. When you are asked to pick a form of link, select USB . If the setup is successful, you do not need to complete the rest of the steps in this section.

    • If the download fails or your printer does not appear on “www.123.hp.com/setup”, continue with the steps below to install the driver from the HP website.

  2. ” HP Customer Support – Software and Driver Downloads ” – to access the (HP Customer Support HP driver and software downloads), after entering your printer model When prompted, verify that the version of the operating system is correct I will.

  3. [First to identify your product] If the page is displayed, the [printer] and enter a click, model number of the printer, and [send] and click.

  4. If you need to change the operating system, click Change to select the version, then click Change .

  5. Under the Driver heading, click Download for the full software package, or click Basic Driver to select other driver options .

  6. If the installer prompts you to select a printer connection option, select USB to continue and complete the setup.

  7. Try printing, scanning, or faxing, depending on the capabilities of your printer.

HP Printer Setup By Wireless

Hp printer setup by wireless – learn how?

You can connect your 123.HP.com/setup printer to your local Wi-Fi network and print wirelessly from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Step 1: Connect your printer to a Wi-Fi network

Before you print wirelessly, connect the printer to the same local wireless network to which your computer or mobile device is connected.

The following steps also apply if you change your Internet service provider. In case you need to install a new router and reconnect your printer.

  1. ” Please enter the WPS PIN for your printer. If you receive a message that” is displayed, the window [Cancel] and click, please continue with the following steps.

  2. Place the printer near the Wi-Fi router.

  3. Turn on the printer and check ink cartridges installed and the main tray is loaded with paper.

  4. Connect the printer to your local network.

Printers with Touch Screen Control Panel :

  1. In the printer, [wireless] , [Settings] or click the Restore Settings from the menu Restore Network Settings and select (or similar option).

  2. Get the network name (SSID) and password. For more information, see Finding your wireless password .

  3. [Wireless] , [Settings] or click the [Network Settings] from the menu Wireless Setup Wizard and select, select your network name and enter the password.

Printers without a touch screen control panel :

  1. Click and hold the Wireless button on the printer for 5 seconds or until the light begins to blink. Press and hold the Wireless and Power buttons on the back of the printer before the blue bar flashes for Tango printers .

  2. Within 2 minutes, press and hold the Wi-Fi Protected Settings WPS button on your router until the connection process begins. The blinking lamp on the printer will go out when the connection is complete.
    If your router does not have a WPS button , continue with the steps below.

  3. 123 hp com setup (Android, iOS), HP Smart –Microsoft Store(English). HP Smart-Mac App Store Download and install the HP Smart app from (English).

  4. Prepare the printer for wireless network connection.
    Most HP printers that do not have a touch screen : Press and hold the Wireless and Cancel buttons until the wireless and power lights flash .

  5. HP laser printers without a touch screen : Press and hold the Wireless button until the caution light flashes . The printer may restart.
    HP Tango Printer: Press and hold the Wireless button on the back of the printer for 5 seconds before the blue headlight flashes.

  6. Follow the instructions in the HP Smart app to install a printer within 2 hours and set up a wireless link.

Step 2: Add the printer to your computer or mobile device

Install the HP Printer Setup By Wireless software or HP Smart app and complete the printer connection.

  1. Check connected Device with wireless network.

  2. Go to www.123.hp.com/setup and enter the model name and number of your printer.

  3. Download the driver or HP Smart software to your mobile device or computer.

  4. Open this software and follow the guided installation to complete the wireless connection setup.

  5. If you see the “Confirm Printer PIN” message during setup, enter the PIN on the label affixed to your printer. If you need a password, enter your PIN as your password.

HP Printer Setup on MAC

Hp printer setup on MAC – learn how?

HP printer setup on Mac – Mac is a built-in printing solution for Apple computers and mobile devices. You can print from most apps that have a print function.

How to setup and Install HP printer

Step 1: Connect printer to your network

To use Mac, connect your printer to your Mac. Connect the printer to the same network that your Mac is connected to.

  1. Turn on the printer and connect it to your network or computer, depending on how you want to use the printer.

    • Wireless connection for printers with touch screen or LCD menu control panel : On the printer, select the 123.hp.com/Setup, Network, or Wireless menu, then select the Wireless Setup Wizard and follow the onscreen instructions to connect the printer. To do.

    • Connect the printer wirelessly with the button only : Hold down the wireless button for 3 seconds until the wireless light starts blinking . Press the WPS button on your router and wait for the printer to connect to the network.

    • USB Connection : Connect the USB cable to the USB port on the back of the printer and an available port on your computer.

    • Wired (Ethernet) Network Connection : Connect the network cable to the printer’s Ethernet port and a free port on your router or access point. The port should have a green light on and an orange action light flashing.

2. Open a document or photo, [file] , [Print] and then click the.

  • If your printer is displayed in the [Printer] menu Click the printer name and try printing. Check with test print, www.123.hp.com/setup is complete.

  • [Printer] If your printer to the menu is not displayed , [near the printer] there may have been displayed at the bottom of. In case you do not see your printer in any of the lists, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Add the AirPrint printer to your printer queue

Make sure you’re using AirPrint by adding a printer in System Preferences.

  1. From Apple ‘s menu, click System Preferences , then click Print & Scan or Printers & Scanners

  2. [Printer] to check if your printer name in the list is displayed, followed by, please do one of the following procedures.

    • If your printer is listed , remove it and add it again to make sure it’s set up for AirPrint.

      • Click the printer name,

      • Tap the minus sign to remove the printer

      • click the plus sign to add a printer or scanner

      • Tap the printer name to proceed to the next step

    • If your printer is not in the list , click the plus sign, Add Printer or Scanner, and then the name of your printer to continue to the next step.

    • If your printer does not appear in the Add Printer or Scanner window, go to the FAQ in this document, resolve any connectivity issues, try connecting your printer again, and then proceed to the next step. ..

  3. Make sure AirPrint or Secure Mac appears in the Use or Use for Printing menu, then click Add .

4.Open a document or photo, [file] , [Print] and then click the.