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alt="aerial installations throughout East Sussex"
IRS installation providing Freeview and Freesat TV

NuDigital supply and fit new Freeview/ Youview digital TV aerials as well as a variety of aerials for receiving DAB also FM radio signals. We stock a range or aerials covering the complete UHF spectrum testing for the best optimum signal reception by using a high quality digital spectrum meter, if required, we will boost the signal reception by the means of installing a set back amplifier or mast head amplifier with separate power supply to help boost week or poor signal reception. Our van is always equipped with stock ready for any job ranging from upgrades to resolving any signal reception problems that your existing system may be suffering with. We always supply high quality stock and CAI compliant aerials.

alt="satellite dish installations throughout east and west sussex"
Satellite dish installation providing Freesat and SKY TV

We have a variety of satellite dishes and LNB’s available in stock for satellite repairs if need be. Our standard satellite dish installation consists of a 43cm satellite dish with quad LNB included (offering four points of connection). We also stock Octo LNB’s (offering eight points of connection), which are used for all satellite TV services I.E. SKY, Freesat and European TV. We also stock satellite dishes made from a variety of materials such as fiberglass, aluminum, and steel, depending on where you live in Sussex these may suit your needs better. We test for the best optimum signal reception by using a high-quality digital spectrum meter, then advise you where the best possible location and position will be for installing the new satellite dish, which is either to an external side wall or your chimney stack.

nudigital installing ubiquiti access points throughout east and west sussex
Ubiquiti installation providing better WIFI signal reception throughout

Ubiquiti Lite and Pro access points - providing superior unifi connectivity to your existing broadband router, wider WIFI Broadcast reception throughout your home or office, improved WIFI connection capacity allowing more devices to connect at the same time, for example, smart TV, set-top box, a game console, mobile phones and tablet computers. Once installed and configured we test our installation making sure they are ready for use, ensuring we meet and achieve your expectations.

nudigital tv wall and ceiling mounting services
TV wall mounting services (wall, ceiling and external installations)

We supply and fit TV brackets ranging from fixed, fixed with tilt, full motion and ceiling brackets, the TV brackets we supply are universal in design, which means standard fitment suitable for all brands of TV's, large or small in size. installations suitable for all environments. Once the TV bracket is installed we then mount the TV, fully configuring all features, for example, TV channel tuning, network connectivity, smart apps, catch-up TV, Netflix and Amazon Prime and so on, making sure that the TV and bracket is securely fixed and ready for use.

nudigital cctv installations and repairs

We have multiple systems available for installation, ranging from basic 1x 1080p camera system up to systems with 32x cameras we install to made measure Ethernet or coaxial cabling, suitable for all branded CCTV systems, or if the cabling provided is not adequate for the job. The CCTV systems we offer can record internally to hard drive, or we can setup remote offsite recording for which provides backup to cloud storage. New CCTV systems also have/ provide the ability to be connected to mobile phones and tablets (Android and iPhone) and many computers desktop or laptop and lastly your living room TV if you wish, giving you remote viewing from anywhere you wish, peace of mind where ever you are.

nudigital multiroom cabling installations

We offer installations of IRS (interagated reception systems) which provide the capibillty of distributing multiple signals received of all types/ source for example- TV (Freeview, Freesat as well as european TV and radio to multiple outlets throughout or communal building. all thats required is a good working digital TV, DAB or FM aerial and satellite dish. By installing an IRS system there is no need for multiple cables to be installed to each and every point, although SKY HD+ or Freesat+ does require two cables to every point allowing the feature of recording one channel whilst watching another, making it the most suitable solution for distribution any property.

Mobile Phone Signal Reception Booster services
Mobile phone signal reception amplifier providing mobile signal throughout

NuDigital provide installations of mobile phone signal reception booster systems, we always align the external aerials by using our digital spectrum metre for optimal signal helping to boost voice calls and wifi, we support 2G, 3G and 4G and soon 5G systems. Various systems presently available provide a coverage area of up to 250 square meters, allowing the signal to reach throughout your home or small office offering up to 25 user connections at any one time. 4G LTE systems boost your 4G signal reception for all UK networks. such as O2, EE, Voda Phone, Three, Tesco's GiF GAF and so on.

Freeview installations and repairs

Most TV’s available on the market today have Freeview services built in, also BT, EE, and TalkTalk all offer Freeview television service, which is all received by the means of a good working reliable Digital Aerial. Offering the following services to enable you to receive Freeview subscription FREE TV. We install new Digital Aerials always using CAI industry standard equipment for all of our new installations. But if you would prefer to upgrade your existing system rather than have it replaced, our engineers are fully equipped and ready to install whatever is required to get your system fully functional and working again.

Freeview  and Freesat Services Provided
  • TV aerial installation.

  • Freeview aerial.

  • Youview aerial.

  • BT Vision aerial.

  • TV aerial realingment.

  • DAB & FM radio aerial installed.

  • Aerials supplied & fitted.

  • Damaged aerials replacement.

  • Aerial relocation.

  • Digital aerial services.

  • Satellite aerial supplied & fitted.

  • Satellite TV installed.

  • Satellite services.

  • Satellite installations.

  • Satellite dish installer.

  • Satellite dish repair.

  • Satellite dish supplied & fitted.

  • Satellite dish relocation.

  • Satellite dish realignment.

  • SKY Q installation.

  • SKY HD+ installation.

  • European TV installation.

  • SKY magic eye installation.

  • Damaged satellite dish replacement.

Freesat installations and repairs

NuDigital offer the following services to enable you to receive Freesat subscription FREE TV or European TV. We install new satellite dishes with a variety of different sizes to choose from, ranging from 43cm to 90cm. The larger sized satellite dishes are required for European TV channel reception. Freesat services are usually received using a standard size satellite dish of 43 cm upwards. We also provide upgrades as well as installations and repairs if required for your existing satellite system and a fault finding and repair service if you are experiencing poor or no satellite reception of any sort.

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