Work Shop

Work Shop Attended

  1. One week In house Faculty Development programme on Project Management, 23rd to 29th April 2018, Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur
  2. Hands on with NI Vision Software , 23rd to 28th July 2017, Department of Telecom, Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur.
  3. Computer Intelligence for knowledge Extraction, 16-01-2017 to 27-01-2017, National Institute of Technical Training and Research, Kolkata.
  4. Industry Oriented Software Project Management, 21st – 26th December 2016, SIT, Tumkur
  5. Internet of Things (IoT), 5th to 6th August 2016, Organized by BITES at SIT
  6. Data analytical and Machine Learning, 14-19th July 2016, workshop series XLI, SIT
  7. Android Based Mobile Application, 23rd -28th November 2015, SIT
  8. Data Analysis , 17th -19th July 2015, SIT
  9. Medical Image Processing using MATLAB, 31st July-2nd August 2014, MSRIT, Bangalore
  10. Machine Learning, 15th March 2014, Organized by BITES @ SIT
  11. Data Analytics Using Hadoop, 14th and 15th February 2014, Dept. of MCA, SIT, Tumkur.
  12. Digital image processing & its Applications, 28th Jan 2014 to 01-Feb 2014, Dept. of EC, SSIT, Tumkur
  13. FDP on Business Analytics , 26th Dec 2013 to 2nd Jan 2014, SIT
  14. Six Sigma Black Belt, 22nd -27th July 2013, IEM,SIT
  15. Industry Oriented Software Engineering , 6th, 7th Dec 2013, Dept. ISC SIT
  16. Machine Learning and Computer Vision , 8th and 9th November 2013, organized by department of ISE, SIT
  17. Computing & Big Data, 15th to 18th July 2013, CSE & ISE East Point College of Engineering and Technology, Bangalore.
  18. Big Data Management & Machine learning , 24th -29th June 2013, SIT
  19. Exploring Information Sources for Research & Development, 12th October 2012, JSS Academy of Technology Education, Bangalore
  20. Neural network and Matlab Toolbox, 25th-30th June 2012, SIT
  21. Research Methodologies and Latex, 1st-2nd June 2012, K.S. School of Engineering and Management, Bangalore
  22. Instructional Design and Delivery , 14th-19th Aug 2006, SIT
  23. Professional Development Programme, Jan 29th –Feb 3, 2007, SIT
  24. UNIX and Tally, Jan 28th –Feb2, 2008, SIT
  25. Academic Autonomy, 6th-11 Aug 2007, SIT
  26. The Resonating Role Model, 4th-10th Aug 2009, SIT
  27. Advanced Developer Technologies, 8th April 2009, SIT
  28. OOAD using UML with essential of rational rose, 16th-19th Mar 2009, SIT
  29. Data and information security, 24th -30 Jan 2012, SIT
  30. Image processing MAT LAB Tool Box, 20th-27 Jan 2011, SIT
  31. Introduction to .Net and Programming, 1-7-Aug-2008, SIT
  32. SQL and PLM Technologies, 19th -24-Jan-2009, SIT
  33. Software Quality Management, Test Automation and Re-engineering 18th-19th Jan 2008, NIITE