IGCSE ICT -0417 Handbook 2021-23

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Course Description


Cambridge IGCSE Information and Communication Technology provides learners with the ability to use a broad range of ICT skills and encourages knowledge and understanding of the development of ICT systems, networks and their safe use. This course provides learners with the ability to understand the rapid change of ICT in a technology-based world and the impact ICT has on the world. Learners in a modern ICT based world need to have the ability to gather, process and manipulate data; this course helps learners to fulfil this.

• knowledge of ICT including new and emerging technologies

• autonomous and discerning use of ICT

• skills to enhance work produced in a range of contexts

• skills to analyse, design, implement, test and evaluate ICT systems

• skills to consider the impact of current and new technologies on methods of working in the outside world and on social, economic, ethical and moral issues

• ICT-based solutions to solve problems

• the ability to recognise potential risks when using ICT, and use safe, secure and responsible practice.

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1 Types and components of computer systems

2 Input and output devices

3 Storage devices and media

4 Networks and the effects of using them

5 The effects of using IT

6 ICT applications

7 The systems life cycle

8 Safety and security

9 Audience

10 Communication

11 File management

12 Images

13 Layout

14 Styles

15 Proofing

16 Graphs and charts

17 Document production

18 Data manipulation

19 Presentations

20 Data analysis

21 Website authoring

Assessment Overview

Assessment Objectives

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