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Distinction between SL and HL 

Students at SL and HL share the following.

 • An understanding of science through a stimulating experimental programme

 • The nature of science as an overarching theme 

• The study of a concept-based syllabus

 • One piece of internally assessed work, the scientic investigation

 • The collaborative sciences project The SL course provides students with a fundamental understanding of biology and experience of the associated skills. The HL course requires students to increase their knowledge and understanding of the subject, and so provides a solid foundation for further study at university level. 

The SL course has a recommended 150 teaching hours, compared to 240 hours for the HL course. This difference is reected in the additional content studied by HL students. Some of the HL content is conceptually more demanding and explored in greater depth. The distinction between SL and HL is therefore one of both breadth and depth. The increased breadth and depth at HL result in increased networked knowledge, requiring the student to make more connections between diverse areas of the syllabus 



Assessment Objectives

Assessment objectives.pdf

Assessment Objectives in Practice 

AO in practice.pdf

Syllabus Outline

Syllabus outline.pdf

Syllabus Content Roadmap

Bio Syllabus Roadmap.pdf

Collaborative Sciences

collaborative sciences Project.pdf

Assessment Outline

assessment outline SL.pdf

External Assessment


Internal Assessment

Internal Assessment.pdf

Internal Assessment Criteria

IA criteria.pdf

Command Terms

Command Terms.pdf

Specimen Papers and Markscheme

Specimen Paper HL & SL.pdf

Specimen Extended Essay- School Based

School sample EE.pdf

Specimen Internal Assessment- School Based

school sample IA.pdf