Dragon Learning Center

Dragon Learning Center Coordinator: Bret Iverson Mr. Iverson's Hours 2 pm - 6:30 pm M-Th

The Dragon Learning Center (DLC) is offered after school for students improve academic achievement through tutoring, mentoring, leadership, and enrichment activities. All students should enroll for snack and or dinner. *** Reminder all students need to be re-enrolled each year. DLC is part of Wisconsin 21st Century Community Learning Center Initiative. There is no cost to attend our after school program.

Schedule Monday through Thursday

    • 3:20 pm Dinner and Attendance in Cafeteria

    • 3:35 pm Team Building Activity and Theme for Day or Week and Music in Cafeteria

    • 3:45 pm Physical Activity on Elementary Playground or if raining Cafeteria

    • 4:00 pm Academics in grade level teachers rooms.

    • 5:00 pm Enrichment Activity-Science/Social Studies, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math and Music (First Pick Up Time)

    • 6:00 pm Dismissal: Students are signed out to leave for home with parent and or guardians. Please pick up at Elementary Entrance and do not park in circle to allow the bus to park and pick up students.

    • 6:05 pm Bus Leaves for 3 Free Designated Drop Off Locations. (Siren Courts (6:05 pm)/Kids Central (6:15 pm) /Hertel Express (6:25 pm)

    • DLC Helpline is from 4 until 6 pm Monday through Thursday with MS/HS teacher.

No DLC on Friday's

3 Designated Drop Off Locations:

  • Siren Courts by Clear Lake (About) M-Th 6:05 pm

  • Kids Central (About) M-Th 6:15 pm (Must have arrangements with Kids Central to be dropped off there.)

  • Hertel Express Parking Lot (About) M-Th 6:25 pm

Field Trips and Family Nights

We are a very valuable team which includes: students, parents, staff, volunteers and community groups. DLC is going to be providing activities, field trips, adult classes, and family fun nights. All students, parents and partners are encouraged to give ideas for projects, activities, classes, field trips, and fun nights. Please complete online surveys, comments for suggestion box and or call Mr. Bret Iverson our coordinator with positive ideas. A field trip a month, a family activity per quarter and a family event at school per semester is the current plan for this school year.

DLC Schedule 2021-2022

Normal Schedule: DLC is open Monday-Thursday from 3:20 until 6:00 pm.

Homework Helpline is open Monday through Thursday from 4:00 pm until 6:00 pm

Students can go on virtually (PK-2nd on zoom) (3-5th, MS/HS, and Homework Helpline can go on Google Classroom/Meet) No DLC on Wednesday during A/B schedule starting week of December 7th.

Virtual Schedule: DLC is open Monday through Thursday from 3:20 pm until 6:00 pm

PK-2nd is on SEESAW. Teachers have the link as well. Third Grade through Fifth, MS/HS, and Homework Helpline can go on Google Classroom/Meet. DLC Fun Packets will be sent home if we are virtual or students are gone for long period of time. (Please contact Mr. Iverson if you need a packet for your child.)