A Message From Tim Schlosser,

Superintendent, Simpson County Schools

I hope this finds everyone having a great summer break. The ending of the 2019-2020 school year was one that we had never experienced before. However, we are working hard to prepare for the reopening of school on August 26th. Our first priority as we work on returning to school is the safety of our students and staff.

There are two options for how students can return to school. The first option is Traditional, which allows students to return to our buildings and meet with teachers in person. With the traditional option, we will follow the Healthy at School guidelines to ensure as safe an experience as possible for everyone in the building. The second option is Distance Learning, which is a virtual option.

The first step we must take in the process of returning to school is to register students to find out how many students will be returning to our campuses and how many will learn virtually from home. Please read through the expectations, guidelines and procedures provided on this website to determine the best option for your student. When you register your student, please indicate Traditional or Distance Learning as your choice for returning to school.

Simpson County Schools will deliver on our mission of “empowering all students to graduate life-ready.” In these difficult times of maneuvering through the COVID-19 pandemic we will continue to work to meet each student's needs so that they can be successful. Please understand that this information is fluid and can change from week to week as new information is made available and the circumstances change. We will inform you of any changes as quickly as possible.

We are going to make every effort to make school enjoyable despite the differences. We will be welcoming students back to places that may look different but will feel familiar and welcoming. For students who work online, we will make every effort to make them feel like they are still a part of the school community. The atmospheres in our schools are one of the best things about our community and we will be doing everything we can to maintain that atmosphere in new ways that also provide the safety needed.

I want to thank all the students, staff, parents and community members for their hard work, support, and perseverance as we have finished one school year and prepare to embark on a new one. Take care and be safe!!!

Tim Schlosser

In preparing for 2020-2021 academic school year Simpson County Schools would like to provide two options for your student and family. Please read the information below and refer to this site for the most up-to-date information for making the best decision for your student(s). Below you will find an outline of options for your student and links to register for the upcoming school year.

Option 1

Students enrolled in SCS traditional school will return to campus and classrooms on a regular schedule with in-person teachers. Health and safety procedures will be enhanced and meet Kentucky's Healthy at School Guidelines.

Simpson County Schools believes the best place for our students is in the school building. We are taking the following measures to ensure students are safe at school.


  • Temperature checks will occur before student boards the bus.

  • Use of masks will be required on buses for 1st-12th grade students

  • Hand sanitizer will be available on buses

  • Buses will be sanitized between routes

  • Students will have assigned seats on the bus and household members will be required to sit together

Health and Safety Actions on Campus

  • Symptom screening for all staff and students to include daily temperature checks

  • Students with symptoms will be isolated under adult supervision and parents will be contacted

  • Social distancing in common areas with signs and floors marked for safe distance

  • Hand sanitizing stations placed throughout the schools

  • Students in 1st-12th grade will be required to wear masks during transitions and in classrooms when appropriate social distancing is not possible. District will provide one mask for all students.

  • Increase cleaning protocols in all areas of the school

  • Signs posted to encourage the increase of handwashing and sanitizing

  • Limit group gathering (assemblies, pep rallies, etc.)

Will students have to wear masks?

Per the Healthy at School Guidelines provided by the Department of Public Health, students who are enrolled in first grade and above as well as all staff will be required to wear a cloth face covering, unless proper documentation is provided that medical reasons exist to prevent wearing a mask. Masks can be lowered during class time if all students and staff are seated 6 feet apart and no one is walking around inside the classroom. All masks must meet the guidelines of the school dress code. Students who do not have their own mask will be provided with one upon entering the bus or school building.

Masks should either be made of cloth or you can use disposable fabric face masks. Masks should cover the nose and mouth in order to effectively prevent the spread of respiratory droplets. Masks can be any color or fabric as long as they do not include any text/graphics that would violate your school’s dress code guidelines.

Do families need to prepare for school closures?

Based on guidance from the Kentucky Department of Education, families should prepare for intermittent school closures or periods of NTI throughout the school year. Please plan accordingly to have childcare arrangements for your child should these closures occur.

Student Fever?

Per the Healthy at Schools guidance document, schools will have a designated area for isolation of sick students with an ability to maintain adult supervision until the child is picked up by parent, guardian or designee. Students with symptoms of infectious disease should not be grouped together. Students in isolation should wear a face covering while waiting for transport if there is no medical reason to prevent this.

Will water bottles be available? Will water fountains be open?

The district will not provide water bottles for students. However, they will be allowed to bring their own to use individually. Water fountains will remain on and will be cleaned and sanitized frequently throughout the school day. If possible, students should provide their own reusable water bottles to be refilled with water throughout the day. This will reduce the number of students drinking directly from the water fountain.

Can students still have recess?

Schools will develop schedules to provide wellness time for students to be active. This may occur in indoor and outdoor settings.

What is being done to ensure common areas are safe?

Stickers or tape on the floors in non-instructional areas such as hallways (near bathrooms, water fountains, lunchroom, library checkout, etc.) will mark 6-feet spacing for social distancing. Plexi-glass partitions will be installed where needed. Hand sanitizer stations are available throughout the school including common areas like the office, library, gym, etc. Signage in restrooms will provide instruction on proper hand-washing techniques. Restroom breaks will be staggered throughout the day limiting the number of students in the restrooms at any given time. Guidelines for safety from the Healthy at Schools guidance document will be followed.

Will students be able to be pulled from class for resources?

Special education, English learners, and gifted/talented students can be pulled for resource services as long as the social distance and PPE guidelines can be met.

What if my student will be attending SKYCTC?

Currently, all SKYCTC Classes will be virtual for fall 2020. However, if in person classes resume transportation will still be provided. Students will follow the expectations for wearing a mask while on the bus since they cannot practice social distancing. Students will be assigned seats for contact tracing purposes.

Are visitors, parents, or volunteers allowed on FS campuses?

Until further notice, parents, visitors and volunteers will need to notify the office prior to coming to campus. Please contact the office of your school to schedule your visit or volunteer work. Lobby/office areas will have limited access.

How will breakfast and lunch be provided?

Students will be eating breakfast and lunch practicing social distancing. Schools will create schedules to allow small groups of students to socially distance and eat in the school cafeteria or other locations.

What measures will take place on the bus to ensure safety?

Students will be required to wear masks while on the bus, unless medical reasons exist to prevent wearing a mask. Drivers and monitors will be required to wear approved face coverings. Seating charts will be implemented. When possible, students will be spaced out on the bus and asked to sit with members of their own household. Buses will be disinfected between runs.

All students will be required to apply hand sanitizer when entering a Simpson County School bus each morning and afternoon. The hand sanitizer will include at least 60% alcohol and be provided by the district.

Is SCS considering staggering start and ending times?

Staggered starting and ending times are not being considered at this time.

Is SCS considering an alternate or A/B schedule?

An A/B schedule is not being considered at this time. Students will attend school five days a week.

Will students have temperature screenings?

Yes, all students and staff will have daily temperature screenings utilizing touchless thermometers. We also ask that parents please check your child’s temperature DAILY before your child boards the bus, walks to school, or is dropped off at the school. Students that have a temperature of 100.5 or above will not be allowed to attend school.

Option 2

Students enrolled in FS Distance Learning will receive daily instruction and interaction from a teacher on a set schedule virtually.

This option should not be confused with the Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) provided during the emergency school closures of Spring 2020. NTI will be used for short-term closures such as snow days or restrictions related to public health guidelines. Additionally, paper packets will not be a part of the Distance Learning Option.

his option is designed for families who believe it's in the best interest for their child not to return to the school building at this time. To ensure that FS Distance Learning is equivalent to traditional learning, please know that the level of expectation and accountability will resemble that of a traditional classroom. Our goal is to provide equitable instruction to students at home and in school.

Expectations for FS Distance Learning

  • High quality internet (consider if you were able to stream videos and Google Meets consistently during NTI, then your internet should work for online school)

  • Use of a reliable device, like Chromebook, laptop or desktop computer. Students of Simpson County Schools will be provided a Chromebook for the 2020-2021 school year. Cell phones will not allow students to complete the level of work needed for this learning choice

  • Students who enroll in the Distance Learning option should plan to stay enrolled for the entire quarter or trimester

  • Daily attendance in online classes following a set schedule

  • Daily participation in assignments from classes on your schedule

  • Consistent communication and feedback between teacher, student, and parents

Extracurricular and Sports

  • Students may participate in after school activities if they meet eligibility requirements

Family Support

  • Partnership between parents and teachers will be key to student success in Distance Learning

  • Tips and strategies to support students learning off campus

  • Support from teachers to meet student needs during set school hours

  • Parent training on tools to be frequently used by students

  • Students will be able to participate in the school provided breakfast and lunch programs. Meals will be available for pick up at school locations.

Will the curriculum of Distance Learning mirror Traditional School?

Yes, it will be critical for our Distance Learning students to be exposed to all of the grade level content with rigorous instruction. All Simpson County Schools will follow the district-level curriculum maps and pacing guides to provide smooth transitions between in-person and online learning.

Will Distance Learning students still have to participate in state testing (KPREP, ACT, etc.)

Students will not be exempt from these assessments if they choose online learning.

Will parent meetings, such as ARC meetings, still take place?

Yes, ARC and parent meetings can continue to be held through Google Meet.

Will students be able to transition between Distance Learning and Traditional School if needed?

A continuous and consistent learning environment is best for student success. However, we understand that parents and students might have compelling reasons to seek a transition from one option to another, so we will provide opportunities to do so when available. For the sake of continuity, transfers from one learning option to another would be best after the completion of a grading period (9 weeks for elementary/middle or trimester for high school). Unique circumstances will be handled on a case-by-case basis in partnership with the assigned school.


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