A multisite REU: Synthetic Biology

June 1st-August 6th, 2021

Contact- jennifer.canfield@simmons.edu for information

The Simmons University Research Experience for Undergraduates (Simmons-REU) will provide a unique opportunity for 6 undergraduates per year to do research in Boston in the multidisciplinary field of Synthetic Biology, an emerging field of biology that integrates multiple scientific disciplines, including biology, mathematics, chemistry, and computer science.

Students will be engaged in synthetic biology research projects that teach them how to 1) use synthetic biology strategies to solve complex biological problems, 2) work in a multidisciplinary research team, and 3) develop cross-disciplinary communication skills. During the program, students will also participate in a series of workshops focused on core synthetic biology techniques, bioethical issues associated with synthetic biology, implicit bias, and career preparation.