Silvia Rigon : Trypophobia and Other Epithelial Reveries

Keystone Art Gallery

May 26th - June 3rd

Tuesday through Sunday; Hours: 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Artist Reception, Saturday, June 2nd 6:00 - 8:30 PM

Keystone Art Space | 338 S. Ave 16, Los Angeles, CA 90031

The word epithelium (/ˌɛpɨˈθiːliəm/) was initially used to describe the translucent covering of small "nipples" of tissue on the lip.

Referring to the translucent membrane that unfolds the morphology of soft tissues whose functions are both to secrete and absorb, the epithelium is the fuzzy, wet screen that filters the undefined work of biological labor.

Playing with the parameters of scale, pattern and physic simulation technologies, “Trypophobia and Other Epithelial Reveries” is a series of work that honors and subvert the tradition of drawing as a tool of both scientific representation and imagined materiality.

About Trypophobia and Other Epithelial Reveries

ILVIA RIGON’s artistic investigation explores the continuous negotiation between the singularity and the constraints structuring materials and experiences.

Trough aesthetic inquiries that layer traditional and modern techniques and different genres, she invites the viewers to explore the complex ambivalence of our relationship towards the idea of nature.