The purpose of Silverdale Homeschool is to provide a place for you to come for support and guidance as you navigate the education of your children at home. It is important to have an accurate record of your student's education.

While there are many umbrella schools available online, Silverdale Homeschool is the only in-person umbrella school in Chattanooga. We will offer services online, but also offer the option of having a friendly in-person contact to walk you through any decisions you may need help with.

Silverdale Homeschool is a ministry of Silverdale Baptist Academy, and it is our joy to offer this resource to you!

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More information can be found on the CSTHEA website.

When you join Silverdale Homeschool

The qualified staff at Silverdale Homeschool will be available to assist families who aspire to meet the graduation requirements set forth by the Tennessee Department of Education. We will be able to answer any questions about the following:

  • Record-Keeping (curriculum and grades)

  • Attendance

  • Transcripts

  • Advising

  • Student and Teacher IDs

  • Testing Center Proctor (additional fee)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can my child participate in any extracurricular activities?

Yes! Our BOOST program is growing so much that we need you! Parents are invited to apply to lead/teach a Boost activity and students are invited to apply to participate. BOOST activities will change for each quarter, but previous BOOST classes have included: campfire cooking, STEAM in Nature, Hip-Hop dance, iRobot Coding, sewing, archery and so much more! If you are interested, please watch for BOOST announcements in the Silverdale Homeschool Newsletter. If you would like to be a BOOST teacher, please contact Sarah Lane, For pricing see the Fee Schedule

Silverdale's Outdoor Adventure & Recreation (SOAR) is directed by Mr. Al Rogers. SOAR offers clubs such as fishing, mountain biking, rock climbing, archery and Ducks Unlimited. Students are invited to participate and there may be coaching needs that parents are invited to fill! Please watch the Silverdale Homeschool Newsletter for more information.

Please visit the "Fee Schedule" from the dropdown menu at the top right of this page to see the fees for participation in our activities.

Can homeschool students participate in sports at Silverdale Baptist Academy?

According to the TSSAA guidelines for High School, students are required to be enrolled in 5 courses that count toward the graduation requirements and pay full tuition to participate with SBA teams. Additionally, the ISC (Independent School Conference) requires participants to be physically attending and enrolled as a full-time student. Fortunately, we live in an area that offers a wide variety of athletic programs. We suggest that you check with your locally zoned school, local youth association, and CSTHEA to see what they have to offer!

Can my child enroll in an on-campus course?

Currently, we do not offer any on campus courses for students not enrolled at Silverdale Baptist Academy.

Can my child enroll in an online course?

Yes! Please check out Silverdale Online Academy for more information.

Am I required to submit vaccination records?

Yes. As a church-related “umbrella” school in the State of Tennessee, we are required to comply with the non-public school laws which state that proof of immunization or exemption must be provided to the admissions officer of a school. There will be a section on the digital registration form to upload the official immunization record or exemption form.

Is Silverdale Homeschool accredited?

We are members of the Tennessee Association of Church Related Schools TACRS. For ease, their guidelines can be found here.

Will my child be assigned a personal advisor?

It is our prayer and ultimate goal that each family is assigned an advisor that can assist with any questions regarding curriculum, grades, attendance, and more.

Are there requirements for graduation other than TN state requirements?

Yes. Silverdale-Homeschool is a ministry of Silverdale Baptist Academy that requires each family to sign a statement of faith. Our desire is for every student to grow spiritually through the study of God's Word. Students should have 3 Bible credits including semester courses in Worldview, Philosophy, and Apologetics. See the Silverdale Homeschool Guidelines that address the Bible Credits with mission opportunities.

Can my child graduate with honors?

According to a recent law explained here, students who graduate from a home school will have different requirements for the HOPE scholarship which includes dual enrollment credits. Your student should have the privilege of graduating with honors based on these same requirements.

Can my child watch chapel at SBA?

Absolutely! We live stream our chapel programs each Wednesday: Elementary - 9:00am , Middle School - 2:00pm, High School - 11:00am. All times will be in the Eastern time zone.

Is a proctor available for classes that require one?

Yes! You may schedule an in-person proctor to monitor any assessments required for your course. To schedule a proctor, please email 2 weeks in advance. There will be a service charge at an affordable rate of $8.00/hour.

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