South Hunterdon Regional High School

Varsity Golf

Welcome to the South Hunterdon Regional High School Golf Team site.  Below you'll find resources including Rules of the Game, Video Lessons and Practice Tips, our Team Calendar and more.  

Don't be a Stooge, learn the Rules!

NJSGA 2019 Golf Rules Presentation at NJSCA Golf Coaches Clinic October 2018.pdf
Synopsis of 2019 Golf Rule Changes - Handout.pdf

Lessons, Tips and other Resources: 

If you have a golf problem (let's face it, who doesn't) there are tons of free videos that'll help!  Be sure to watch multiple videos until you find the one that makes sense to you as you'll find variations on every topic. If it doesn't click in your brain, watch another one.  Practice, practice, practice and watch your game improve!

Golf Basics:  

                      Part 1: Grip  |  Part 2: Stance  |  Part 3: Posture   |  Part 4: Takeaway   |   Part 5:  Downswing   |  Part 6:  Impact & Swing Finish

Want more??? Subscribe to the MalaskaGolf, Me And My Golf and/or Scratch Golf Academy YouTube Channels for a ton of great videos on various topics!  

Practice Routine: