Shorewood School District's Multilingual Learner (formerly ELL) Program

150+ ML students in our four schools

  • 35 different languages spoken

  • 33 various countries students immigrated from

  • In-class content and language support

  • Intensive English support for new students

  • Family engagement and support

  • Interpretation and translation for families

  • Community connections fostered

Who are Multilingual Learners?

Multilingual learners are learners that have interacted with another language or languages and English. In the Shorewood School District, we believe that multilingual learners and their families enrich our classrooms and communities.

ML Program Staff in the Shorewood School District (SSD)

Coordinator for SSD Multilingual Learner Program:

Mrs. Roxanne Tibbits, 414-963-6900 ext: 5212 or


Lake Bluff

Shorewood Intermediate School

Shorewood High School

Multilingual Staff

  • Mrs. Lena Lysakova, Russian and English

  • Mrs. Pauline Lee, Mandarin Chinese and English

  • Ms. Anne-Marie Schmitt, Dutch, German, French, and English

SSD Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Sam Coleman,