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this funding opportunity is now closed. 

We offer up to £100,000 of investment, provided as a mixture of grant and loan funding

If you're currently trading and looking for investment for the first time, this might be a great fit for your organisation. Our investment is flexible, affordable and tailored to your needs. 

We want to invest in organisations that:

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The criteria for this funding are shaped by the Vested panel, in partnership with Trust for London and Shift. The panel is made up of six young Londoners with a history of unemployment. Based on their personal experience, the panel want to support organisations interested in employing young Londoners in good work

"For us, good work means it...
- pays fairly for people's time
- supports people into a career
- prioritises people's mental health and wellbeing"

Hear Vested panellist, Kevin, outline what the panel is looking to fund...

"We believe that the way to make the biggest impact on youth unemployment in London is to support organisations who employ young people directly."

"We want to support organisations with a wide range of missions, who want to employ more young people."