Helen Moore was born December 3, 1908, in rural Cherokee County, Kansas. In order to receive an education, Helen and her siblings were boarded with families in town during the school week. Helen’s parents were strong supporters of education. She and all of her brothers and sisters graduated from high school. Helen continued her education after high school and received business training which led her to join the Federal Government. She continued with the government for 30 years, most of which were at the Central Intelligence Agency. She was regarded as an extremely intelligent person who was interested in local, national and international issues.

Throughout Helen’s life she loved the land and returned to her agricultural roots frequently. During their married life, Helen and Willis Moore owned farms first in Loudoun, then Frederick, and lastly Shenandoah Counties. At the time of her death on May 19, 2002, Helen was along-time resident of Shenandoah County and the town of Strasburg.

Helen Moore highly valued education and the inherent personal benefit a quality education can offer an individual. Her legacy will now and forever be honored through the Moore Educational Trust.