Shelbyville Central


What is eLearning?

Shelbyville Central Schools will be implementing IDOE’s virtual option for delivering eLearning when school has been closed due to inclement weather. SCS will make up hours during an eLearning Module window which will open the same day school has been closed and remain open for one week. Students will be required to complete the work in the eLearning modules. Each school will open labs during the eLearning Module window for students that might have challenges learning away from the building. (i.e., internet and computer access, special need accommodations)


Shelbyville Central Schools is dedicated to researching and finding ways to leverage digital learning to ensure maximum student achievement. This will be accomplished by establishing the following goals:

  • Provide instruction during the school year for cancelled school days that is more meaningful than instruction on days that are added to the end of the year.
  • Maximize opportunities for students prior to the start of standardized testing, i.e. iSTEP, iREAD, ECA, and AP Testing.
  • Offer students quality experiences with digital learning that is a part of the College & Career Readiness standards.
  • Increase teacher capacity to design and deliver quality digital instruction.
  • Continue to expand seamless learning delivered on days when school is unexpectedly cancelled.