About Us

Simurq Aeronautics is a student-led organisation at the University of Sheffield. We are comprised of multiple student-led teams specialising in autonomous UAV design and operation. Historically these teams have entered and competed in the IMechE UAS Challenge with new and innovative designs.

Our Projects!

Having previously focused on multi-rotor designs, Project Hex is now embarking on an ambitious two year long project to design, build and fly an advanced VTOL Fixed Wing Hybrid to enter into the 2023 AUVSI SUAS challenge.

Volaticus was initially created with the goal of human powered flight. Now they use their fixed wing design skills to compete in the IMechE UAS Challenge, with June 2019 marking the first competition entered.

The main aims of SunFalco is to experiment with less-conventional aircraft concepts, and push the capabilities of accessible flight research. As a first step, the team will explore winged-S/VTOL aircraft.

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