Sheffield NanoLAB

Sheffield NanoLAB is a research centre that focuses on the development of new and improved nanostructured materials/products and novel nanocharacterisation methodologies to determine material microstructure, chemistry and function down to the nanoscale.

Understanding the behaviour and durability of materials and products at the nanoscale is crucial for many industrial sectors. We work with a range of companies to understand and optimise their materials.

NanoLAB is located in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, the University of Sheffield, UK.

Latest from NanoLAB

Feb 24, 2020

Come to work with us at the new Sheffield Tomography Centre! The facility will be based around a new state-of-the-art Zeiss Xradia 620 Versa High-resolution 3D X-ray Tomography Microscope.

Feb 11, 2020

Sheffield NanoLAB was the proud host of the 3rd international workshop of the PicoFIB Network. About 40 academics and students joined us to explore the latest developments and applications of helium, neon and xenon FIB technologies.

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