Welcome to the website of the Sheffield NanoLAB, in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, the University of Sheffield, UK.

NanoLAB Research focuses on the development of new and improved nanostructured materials and products, and novel nanocharacterisation methodologies to determine material microstructure, chemistry and function down to the nanoscale.

Understanding the behaviour and durability of materials/products at the nanoscale is crucial for many industrial sectors, and we work with a range of companies to understand and optimise their materials.

Latest from NanoLAB

June 18, 2019

NanoLAB at mmc2019

NanoLAB is participating in mmc2019 - Europe's leading Microscopy and Imaging conference in 2019. It's run by the Royal Microscopical Society, with 36 conference sessions, technique training workshops, and a free exhibition. > Read more

May 29, 2019

Research visit in Germany

Our PhD Student Laura Wheatcroft visited HZDR in Germany to use their Helium Ion Microscope and Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry equipment to analyse surface layers on high voltage Li-ion battery materials. > Read more