The Varsity Oath

The idea behind the Varsity Oath is to embed a culture of respect, fair play and pride in the competitors and spectators who participate in Varsity.

As ambassadors for the Varsity competition and their universities, Ellie Millar at Hallam Students' Union and Annie Henderson at Sheffield Students' Union will uphold the values and spirit of the Varsity competition.

By declaring the oath, participants promise to ensure the event is carried out competitively, fairly and with respect for their opposition. It also sets out a commitment from the spectators to respect and value all competitors and to be grateful and considerate to the communities and facilities in which Varsity takes place.

The Oath

"Varsity is a showcase and celebration of student sport in the City of Sheffield, and I am proud and honoured to represent my university in the competition.

We will respect all competitors and spectators regardless of their race, gender, faith, sexuality or ethnicity, and we will respect the communities and facilities in which the competition takes place.

We win together, and we lose together.

Pride, Respect, Fair Play, and Sportsmanship; this is the spirit of Varsity, and I am proud to represent my University."