Sheffield Microrobotics Lab

Autonomy in miniature artificial life



Our ultimate goal is to create miniature autonomous "life" in the form of miniature robots through the understanding of principles in nature, with the aim of broadening the possibility of robotics at a small scale. Our research interests reside in the fields of Robotics, Self-assembly, Embodied AI, Material sciences, Biomedical engineering, and Artificial Life.

Origami Robots

The project aims to develop “autonomous and cognitive smart materials” using origami robot techniques | Preprint PDF | YouTube

Ingestible Robots

The project aims to develop a robot that can be swallowed and conduct micro-operations inside the body.

Self-assembling Robots

The project aims to develop the next generation of manufacturing technology inspired by chemical synthesis.


The project aims to reduce the size of robots to the micrometre size, enabling robots to manufacture products and perform activities in the micro-world.

PhD openings

PhD positions for the year 2024/25:

If you are interested in the position, please contact shuhei.miyashita at

Usually, the deadline for the application for the university/department scholarship is around the end of January. If you're interested to apply for the scholarship, please contact us in December ~ the beginning of January at the latest. You may also want to check How to apply - PhD study page.

We also accept self-funded students with good grades.


Shuhei Miyashita, Lecturer (Assistant Professor)
Ahmed Hafez, Postdoctoral Fellow
Junyi Han, PhD candidate
Xiao Chen, PhD candidate
Xuanni Luo, PhD candidate
Zihan Zhao, PhD candidate
Umur Harman, PhD candidate
Luke Dixon, Final Year project student
Max Lavergne, Final Year project student
Christine Fernando, Final Year project student
Oliver Hart, Final Year project student
Rathan Nidhi Kumaran Thirumalai Kumar, MSc student
Changrui Deng, MSc student



Sheffield Microrobotics Lab.

Kroto Research Institute,
Red Hill, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S3 7HQ, UK

Department of Autonomous control and Systems Engineering

University of Sheffield

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