With Maker{Move} we bring all of the resources and materials to you, providing a series of workshops in which participants can design and make a range of objects and engage in STEAM challenges. The focus is on making without striving for a specific goal. The process of creating, tinkering, testing and modifying allows children to develop the skills they need to solve complex problems.

We offer creative and playful learning activities for schools, early years settings, museums, libraries and community groups. You can choose in advance the kinds of activities on offer (eg, electronics, woodwork, robotics, digital creativity, a mixture of all of these) and/or a focus or a theme for the workshop.

All we need is a place to safely park the van, access to electricity and room to set up tables and equipment. We bring three fully-trained assistants, who all have enhanced DBS status.

We can provide up to four sessions per day. Dependent upon space, we can accommodate up to 60 ‘makers’ in each session. Read our frequently asked questions to find out more and get in touch to see how we can meet your needs.

"Fantastic and inspiring. Exactly what children need to learn and develop social skills and problem solving." 

Making in the Early Years

Primary activity days

STEAM problem solving workshops in KS3

Bespoke events

Maker{Futures} is a Children’s University Learning Destination where children and young people can collect learning credits that count towards their CU awards.

If your school is part of CU, our sessions can be included in the learning hours recorded. Or if you are booking us for a community event, participants can bring along their passports to learning.

How do I book the van?

Please complete the booking enquiry form and we will contact you to arrange a date and next steps.