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Central Trial Team

  • Chief Investigator - Mostafa Metwally, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS FT

  • Lead Research Nurse - Clare Pye, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS FT

  • Senior Research Nurse - Liz Taylor, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS FT

  • Trial Manager - Kirsty McKendrick, University of Sheffield

  • CTRU Lead - David White, University of Sheffield

  • Assistant CTRU Lead - Robin Chatters, University of Sheffield

  • Research Assistant - Amy Barr, University of Sheffield

  • Data Management Lead - Tim Chater, University of Sheffield

  • Lead Statistician - Stephen Walters, University of Sheffield

  • Trial Statistician - Laura Sutton, University of Sheffield

  • Lead Health Economist - Nick Latimer, University of Sheffield

  • Health Economist - Laura Flight, University of Sheffield

  • Trial Support Officer - Jake Brown, University of Sheffield


This project is funded by the National Institute for Health Research, Health Technology Assessment (NIHR HTA) Programme


Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Patient Information Sheet

Downloadable Patient information sheet PDF - click the image below.

Note: the link will take you to a generic Patient Information Sheet. Each site participating in the trial has its own version with site specific contact details. These are available from the participating sites.

HELP Fertility Patient Information Sheet v2.0 23.02.21 CLEAN.pdf