About Us

The Bateson Centre central purpose is to bring together developmental geneticists with clinician scientists, creating a focus of expertise in the generation of animal models of human disease. Our aim is to stimulate the translation of findings from model systems to the development of novel therapies and clinical practice.

About the people at The Bateson Centre

With 16 full members and 8 associate members, each leading an independent research laboratory, The Bateson Centre has around 100 postdoctoral research assistants, postgraduate students and technical staff. It boasts some of the finest research facilities in the U.K. and attracts annual grant income in excess of £2m.

The Centre offers training and employment to talented individuals who want to pursue a career in the developmental and biomedical sciences. There are more than 60 post-doctoral researchers and technical staff currently employed at the Centre. In addition there are dozens of PhD, Master’s and Undergraduate students undergoing training in our facility at any given time.

Career opportunities

To see available PhD studentships, please visit this page.