Join us at the intersection of professional presenting and top drawer nonsense for the most fun you'll ever have that you can't spell.

We hope to deliver some much-needed lockdown laughs while raising a few quid for the Trussell Trust, to help disadvantaged families at this challenging time.

To do that we're putting some of the nation's finest presenters through their paces. Our volunteer speakers have carefully prepared some slides to show you. But - plot twist! - each participant will be given someone else’s deck to present, sight unseen.

They’ll have 45 seconds to inform and/or entertain you per slide. It's a test of nerves and quick thinking, but mostly of our presenters' ability to bullshit their way through literally anything.

Our first edition was such a huge success that we're doing it again on Weds 17th February at 7pm UK time.

The cast

And we've got a stellar line up this time around:

  • Broadcaster, journalist and sex educator Alix Fox

  • Futurist Theo Priestley

  • Manifest MD Ali Maynard James

  • Digital dude James Whatley

  • Designer, agitator, founder and CEO Lauren Currie OBE

  • Photographer Paul Clarke

  • Founder, speaker, innovator and reigning Kollaboraoke champion Savannah Peterson

Read all about our amazing speakers

Join the fun

It's quick, easy and decidedly low-rent.

First, give us your details via the form below so we can send you the livestream link. All data will be deleted straight after the event.

Once you've done that, pop over to the donation page. The minimum donation is £5, but the work of the Trussell Trust in keeping families fed has never been so critical so dig deep if you can. The ten largest donations will receive a link for the premium unmuted 'front row' seats where laughter and heckles are encouraged and - it seems - inevitable.

A reminder again: once you've given us your details, pop over to JustGiving to donate. We're doing this on an honesty basis but it's a fantastic cause so don't be a cheapskate.