Wilson Music Department Goals


· Students will experience enrichment of life mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally through enjoying and appreciating worthwhile musical activities.

· Students have the opportunity to participate in musical activities and performances.

· Students will experience music of American culture and the use of music in American life today.

· Students will experience opportunities leading toward a nonprofessional lifetime association with music and leading toward a career in music through specialization.

· Students will be able to strengthen other areas of learning through correlated musical activities.

· Students will be able to use their own unique imagination, emotion, and energy in creating and expressing music.

· Students will value the personal satisfactions that are achieved through increased ability to interpret musical communication.

· Students will experience music associated with other countries of the world.

· Students will know the function of sound and silence in music and the many ways it has been and may be used to communicate ideas, feelings, and moods.