Chakra 101 Workshop

Sunday, January 15


$120 personal investment Open to the public


Bonnie L. Yerger and Rachel Hobbs

This workshop will work with meditation, essential oils, and balancing connections to each of the energy wheels known as Chakras. Each person will create their very own Chakra painting!

Payment in full will hold your spot if you are


Register for this workshop at 

East-West Massage at 610-375-7520 

or email Bonnie at

Chakra 102 Workshop

Sunday, July 30


$120 personal investment

Open to public

Outdoor: Rain or Shine

 (location to be


Connect with the 7 main Energy Wheels during this workshop.

You will be guided through body movement connected to each Chakra (Bonnie), tap into creativity with an Earth art project (Rachel), and receive a Tune-up through sound vibration (Laveau Merlot).  

Come spend the day with us and open your awareness to the chakras!