Sciences at Harry Ainlay

The science curriculum in Alberta encompasses a wide range of topics and scientific disciplines, including biology, chemistry, and physics Students engage in hands-on experiments, investigations, and inquiry-based learning to develop their understanding of scientific concepts and principles. They learn to ask questions, make observations, gather and analyze data, and draw conclusions based on evidence. The curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, problem-solving, and scientific literacy, as students explore the natural world, investigate real-world issues, and develop an appreciation for the role of science in everyday life and in addressing global challenges.

Science 10


Students study diverse scientific concepts through hands-on experiments and inquiry-based learning, emphasizing critical thinking.

Science 20


Students delve deeper using specialized topics, inquiry-based learning, and critical thinking for advanced understanding.

Science 30


Focuses on advanced scientific concepts and applications, emphasizing critical analysis, inquiry-based learning, and problem-solving skills.

Taking Chemistry 20 & 30

Taking Biology 20 & 30

Taking Physics 20 & 30

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