Old Scona Academic Art Society

Enriching the OSA community through Art.

Our Purpose

OSA Art Society is a zero-stress club, where artists (and non-artists) can meet likewise enthusiasts of all mediums of visual art to collaborate together on exciting projects and events, such as large-scale murals, art commissions, contests, and more. We work to create a leisurely and positive environment to encourage OSA students to pursue their passions. Check out our section on events to see some of what we've done in the past!

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Read some testimonials about Art Society!

"I think OSA Art Society is super cute!! I love admiring the art everyone does!!"

~Yuvasri S.

Art Club is always such a relaxing experience for me! It is a meeting that I look forwards to every week, because we are always trying something new!

~Aurora S.

"Art Society has always been an opportunity for me to express my creativity without the fear of being judged. I am so glad that I get to be a part of this club!"

~Akhshra P.

"Art Society is so rewarding! Not only do you get to explore art, you can also earn volunteer hours, and participate in projects that make an impact!"

~Amy S.

"OSA Art Society gave me the opportunity to meet new people and work on large-scale projects with friends. It was an amazing experience!"

~Lucie Y.

"OSA Art Society is such a chill and fun time with other people who love art!"

~Amy W.

"It's such a fun club where we get to play games! It's commitment free and the execs are super AWESOME AND easy going"

~Areej K.