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Textbook Information, Tips, & Tricks (Last Updated June 11, 2019)

M/J Civics [Discovery Education-digital only; Gateway to American Government-print only]

M/J U.S. History [HMH]

  • Students & teachers access HMH on Launchpad with single sign-on [Make sure you have pop-up blocker off!!]
  • Need to be using Chrome
  • Channel One News is no longer available
  • Printable & Editable Assessment Instructions here
  • Troubleshooting tips for assigning & grading student eBook here
  • Aware of typo on pg. 111 [list of Acts uses Sugar Act twice when the second one should be Tea]
  • Many resources have be downloaded and taken off of the platform for you and are available on the M/J U.S. History page

World, U.S. History, Economics, U.S. Government [Pearson EasyBridge/Realize]

  • Students & teachers access Pearson on Launchpad with single sign-on
  • Please give 48-72 hours for roster changes
  • You will see your entire schedule in "Current Classes" listed but only World, U.S., Econ, & Govt can be accessed this way. Click "Add Product" and scroll through the pop-up of choices for your course. Make sure the course you choose is on the Realize platform so you don't pick an old book. Once added, click on the title to access teacher resources (it may have you complete a few account steps like picking a grade level, programs to assign, background image...etc.-DO THIS!)
  • Instructions for Assessment Options
  • Fantastic new feature available to access a library of internet resources that are already vetted. Click here for instructions.

Law Studies, Sociology, World Cultures Geography [McGraw-Hill]

  • Students & teachers access McGraw-Hill on Launchpad with single sign-on
      • You should see Student & Teacher editions of your courses on the main page. Click on a TE and enter. Your rosters are under "Manage & Assign" [You will have to delete old students by choosing "Remove From Roster" & you have to manually put into class periods if you want them that way]
  • If students get an error message, have them close the tab and try clicking the BPS McGraw App a second time.
  • Geography training videos

Psychology, APUSH, AP Human Geo, AP U.S. Govt, AP Psychology [Pearson My Labs]

  • Teacher Access Instructions
      • Please note: the instructions above are for teachers who are creating a course for the first time. If you taught the course last year, you will need to copy your course for next year. Instructions for that can be found here.
      • Access codes can be gotten from department chairs
  • Regular Psychology teachers can either create a new course or copy their course for 2nd semester
  • Student Access Instructions - Psychology - APUSH - AP Human Geo - AP U.S. Govt - AP Psychology

AP World, AP Psychology [BFW]

  • Student digital access through BPS Launchpad with single sign-on
  • Teacher digital access instructions-click here
  • BFW offers free One-on-Demos with a consultant to help you get the most out of LaunchPad. Whether its setting up a class or delving deeper into the resources, its just a click a way. You set the time and date. Just click on the link and set up your demo! https://meetme.so/highschool

AP U.S. Govt, AP World [Norton]

Need help with your digital materials? Here are some help tutorials available from the publishers.

Discovery Ed Help

HMH Help

Pearson Help (World, U.S., Econ, & Govt)

McGraw-Hill Help / McGraw-Hill Tech Support Phone Number

Pearson Help (Psychology & AP Courses)

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Apple = BPS Launch

Samsung = Brevard Public Schools v2