Virtual Elementary School

Glens Falls City, Abraham Wing, and South Glens Falls Central School District

Jerilyn Stellato, Virtual School Principal

Welcome to Virtual School!

Calendar and Upcoming Events

Daily Preparation

  • Find a quiet spot without distractions of pets and siblings in the background.

  • Be prepared with a charged Chromebook and any materials needed that day.

  • Food, drinks, and toys should not be present during instruction. Scheduled time for this after direct learning occurs to help students stay focused.

  • Punctuality with Google Meets and assignments is important.

  • Background noise and distractions can be heard by all on a Google Meet. Even when a child is using headphones, the microphone will pick up background noises and conversations. Please be mindful of this.


It is very beneficial for students to use a headsets or earbuds while working in a Google Meet. Teachers and students can easily hear background noise while on Meets and having earphones will minimize this issue. Please be mindful of background noice while students are in Meets. Even with earphones, background noise such as TVs, siblings, music, etc. can be heard.

Scheduling Appointments During the School Day

As we fade out review and build in new material, please remember that it is very important that your child be on time for in person Meets. Teachers need them present so students are able to get the instruction they need to move forward with their independent assignments. If possible, please schedule appointments outside of live instruction time.

Getting Books to Kids

Elementary students benefit from reading a combination of print books, magazines, and online text. This is one of the many challenges of online school. Teachers have helped students access books on SORA and Epic but there is nothing like a book in hand. Crandall Library has a terrific program to support students and their reading needs during virtual learning. This is a great free option to get books to kids!

Crandall Library reopened on a limited basis on September 8th. It is called the Pop-In Library.

  • They allow 10 people at a time in a limited area of the Library on Tuesdays 10-6 and Fridays 10-4.

  • They will continue to offer curbside service on Wednesdays 10-6 and Thursdays and Saturdays 10-4:30.

  • During Pop-Up library hours people get library cards.

  • Students can get “Surprise Me” collections