Tartan ED Tech Teach & Learn

Tech Hub 101 [Equity/Basic Phase]

*Explore On Your Own (links to the left)

*Join a Go Slow Flo Mini-Course to Create a GClassroom

*Connect with Jan [x77106] Tues - Thurs 8:30 - 10:30 am

*Match Me with a Colleague Survey for 1:1 Tech Help

*Check the Model Schools Catalog for online short courses (Yes, S-G is a Model Schools member.)

Tech Support for SGCSD Staff

Call: 518.665.8723

Email: scotiaglenvilleschools@nfrastructure.com

Web: https://nfrastructure.service-now.com/Scotia

Request to Borrow a Chromebook

Support for Families

Tech Call: 518.665.8512 (may take 24 hours to respond)

SGCSD Support for Families and Students