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COVID-19 Technology Orchestration for a new school year

Straightforward is a Technology Services Design Firm that tailors School District’s digital ecosystems for a COVID-19 world. We worked with our technology partners to address the needs of schools programmatically, systematically, and in a streamlined fashion. Our extensive sourcing network makes us an ideal source for meeting virtually every technology need that your school system has. We make expedited and time crunched technology orchestration, Straightforward.

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A single contact request is all that is needed for full technology orchestration for your School District’s new school year.Our Certifications, Master Contract accessibility, and massive network of partnerships make technology sourcing straightforward.

Our Third Party Representative Services are paid by the partnerships we have created and save your School District money and time.

Straightforward is your ideal single source contact for your new school year’s technology orchestration.

Equity Procurement is Baked In

Straightforward grows by means of its partnerships with high quality Technology Vendors.

Our Certified Minority run business status ensures that your technology spend funds traditionally underutilized businesses.

Our informal Joint Venture partnerships make it simple and straightforward to infuse small business participation into your organization’s technology stack.

We make equity procurement in technology, Straightforward.

Phase 1: Select Video Conferencing Platform

Your video collaboration station

Straightforward has assembled the team that will help your school connect with students on the most popular video conferencing platforms. Our extensive network of providers are adept at crafting useful collaboration environments that meet the needs of both educators and students shortening time to deployment and flattening learning curves. Crafting high performing environments is part of our Third Party Representative services and is included in the cost of procuring the service, saving your District money.

We make sourcing and crafting your District’s favorite conferencing platforms Straightforward.

Boom, Zoom

Craft a High Performing Zoom Platform.

Meet me Online

Unlock the full power of the Google Meet Platform

Team it up

Pull the correct levers on your District’s Microsoft Teams instance


Smartly deploy the full WebEx-perience your organization deserves

PHASE 2: Distributed Connectivity

Single stop connectivity sourcing

Sourcing connectivity is a massively all encompassing headache. Our expansive sourcing network provides us access to virtually every home and business in the country and allows us to bring it all in under one bill saving your organization the time and frustration of procuring and provisioning internet access across multiple carriers and locations. Our E-Rate, Equity Inclusion, and Internet Sourcing Reach make us your ideal choice for meeting quickly changing and sometimes competing priorities and goals.

Internet Access orchestration that meets E-Rate and Equity Inclusion goals is a refreshing alternative to carrier gridlock and spin.

E-Rate Options

PHASE 3: Work Securely from Anywhere

Effortless flexibility for an Evolving Technology landscape

Expect the unexpected. Allowing Educators to work wherever they find themselves allows your district to be responsive to your Student’s needs in a time of massive uncertainty. Enabling your district to work from home, school, or anywhere their family might need them, allows you and your educators to account for internal District changes to work requirements, external public volatility, and familial pressures that threaten the quality of education your students receive.

Work from anywhere strategies that work are Straightforward.

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PHASE 4: Camera Ready

Teach anywhere.

From the classroom, from home, from anywhere, your educators will look like they are live at school. We leverage Motionless Video technology to replace virtual backgrounds on all video conferencing platforms so your educators will have their cleanest look. Keeping up video background standards allows educators to project school pride, keep students grounded in a virtual world, and allows staff to work from anywhere without the need to feel embarrassed about what might be behind them.

Virtual backgrounds replaced with Motionless Video makes School District Branding Straightforward

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PHASE 5: Single Source Help Desk

New technology help desk streamlined

Keep the easy stuff from dragging your organization down. Our help desk strategies sandwich new technology issues into an external call center that deals with it day in and day out, keeping your staff focused on helping your students. Keeping staff focused on educating your students and being ready for COVID-19 contingency plans keeps us all safer, our children learning and from falling behind.

Change is hard for organizations, we make this change Straightforward