<Creative computing>

Course Overview:

Creative Computing is an introductory course where students explore and generate static and dynamic digital art and explore, critically discuss, and create art that addresses students' personal interests, communities, and contemporary social issues. Students will study and apply fundamentals of art including visual composition and design, iterative and interactive design, animation, audio, data visualization, digital imagery, and emergent art technologies. The course will introduce students to essential computer science concepts including computational thinking, algorithms, variables, iteration, user event-based programming, modular programming, collections, as well as use and impacts of data. Students will use both art and computer science fundamentals to create artistic pieces while exploring their own interests, theirs and other cultures, their communities, and society.

This course is grounded in the California State Art Standards and the California State Computer Science Standards

No prior programming experience is assumed or expected.

Course Materials: Unit Plans, p5.js, Basic Art Supplies

Creative Computing Unit Plans [PUBLIC]