About Community Walks

Community Walks involve groups of volunteers accompanying our Night Ministers out on the streets in the evening hours, providing basic health needs and care to unhoused people in the Tenderloin and around the city. The program connects privileged and unhoused community members around our shared humanity. You are invited to walk!

A Community Walk begins at the SF Night Ministry office on Franklin & O'Farrell street. The event generally goes from 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM. The evening will begin with introductions and a brief dialogue about Night Ministry and the work that we do.  We will then divide ourselves into small groups who will lead night walks to specific areas. At the conclusion of the evening, we will return to the office for a debrief, emotional check-in and parting thoughts.




Night Ministry is adapting to the crisis of homelessness by meeting the needs of our neighbors at night, both physical and spiritual. Physically, people living outside are more likely to have dermatological problems, infections from simple cuts, functional limitation, seizures, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, foot pain, and decayed teeth. Many hospitalizations and deaths are preventable with basic hygiene. Spiritually, there is a crisis of hope on the streets and a crisis of human connection between the privileged and less fortunate members of our community.

Our Community Night Walks address both physical and spiritual needs. We have partnered with Simply the Basics to distribute hygiene kits to people outside at night, many of whom are nocturnal and do not otherwise access daytime services. We also received a grant of hygiene supplies from Thrivent Financial. We also partner with Bombas to distribute donations of heavy-duty socks. Volunteers can assemble kits, or distribute pre-assembled kits, or make any other basic needs offering appropriate to the volunteer group doing the Community Night Walk.

The walks also provide opportunities for care and connection. We seek to humanize folks on the streets at night and increase the awareness of more economically secure San Franciscans. The walks facilitate inter-class connections around our common human needs, hopes, and dreams, while also providing critical basic needs to folks in need. 

Arrange a Walk

Night Ministry will work with group leaders to shape an event appropriate to the group doing the Community Walk. We can walk out with faith leaders, tech employees, city officials, and media, as well as groups of all ages. Recently, for example, we held a Community Walk with a youth group of middle school aged kids for the church confirmation class.

To inquire into setting up a Community Walk, please email us!