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Collection Defense

Debt collectors will call you day and night if they could. Fortunately for us, we have the government on our side. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act helps us against debt collectors. The law is very specific in what a debt collectors can do. For example, debt collectors can not call you after 9 PM or before 9 AM. This just one example of the restrictions. More importantly, a communication by debt collector has to be very specific and you have to take very specific steps to protect your rights. Call us now if a debt collector is harassing you or your family and lets see if we can get them to pay.

Criminal Cases

Getting into criminal trouble is always a dread full position. But fortunately if you have no prior criminal record, you may be able to keep your record clear. The Homes Youthful Trainee Act (HYAT) has recently been amended to include individuals up to the age of 23. What this means is: if you have no prior criminal record and are over the age of 21, previous HYTA age cutoff, you can still qualify for HYTA if the prosecutor and Judge agrees. You will need a good advocate on your side to argue for HYTA, so don't always rely on the system to get you the best possible outcome. Remember, we have an adversarial system. Therefore, you have to look out for your own interest and do not expect the Judge or prosecutor to help you. Call us now if you need representation in Wayne, Oakland or Macomb counties, we can step in and help.

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

You should review your credit report once a year. Go to and pull your credit report for free. The three major credit reporting agencies are: Experian, Equifax and Transunion. You should make sure the information listed in the report is accurate. You could increase your credit score by reviewing and correcting the errors. Take a close look at the creditors listing negative information about you. If you have any judgments and they are older then 7 years, you can have that negative information deleted. If you have filed bankruptcy and its been more then 10 years, that information should not be on your credit report. Call out office now at 586-244-8578 to take care of this important check.

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)

If you have creditors calling and making your life miserable, your are not alone. But instead of being angry at the collection companies, you should fight back. How do you fight back? The FDCPA. You as a debtor have rights. The collection companies have to treat you fairly and humanely. That means, they can not call you before 9 AM and after 8 PM. That also means, they generally can not call your place of work. Also, if they send anything to you in writing, they have to comply with the law. Call our office now at 586-244-8578 if you received a threatening letter. We know how to fight back and we may be able to get you some money.

Garnishment and Consumer Credit Protection Act

Are your wages being garnished? Is your bank account frozen because of a garnishment? Call out office now to see how we can help. Depending on your income, you may be immune to garnishment. At the least, we may be able to file a motion for installment to eliminate your garnishment. Call now 586-244-8578.


Are you eligible to apply for citizenship? Dealing with the USCIS can be a very daunting process. You have to know exactly which form and what information to give to the USCIS. Completing the wrong form or completing it inaccurately can mean months of delay or denial. Don't get trapped in the maze. Don't waste your time in trying to know exactly what the government is seeking in your application. Let an experienced attorney help you complete the right forms and get the process completed. Call our office now at 586-244-8578 to talk to an experienced immigration attorney.

Immigrants convicted of "crimes of violence" are no longer deportable according to the Supreme Court in Sessions v. Dimaya. This is is good news for immigrants because the term "crime of violence" was vague and it was used by the Federal government to deport many immigrants. If you are wondering about your immigration status or facing deportation, contact our office immediately: 586.244.8578.

School Litigation

Throughout the years, many clients have come to our office seeking help when their child gets into trouble in school. The child is usually facing expulsion from school because of his conduct. The laws in this State are designed to help the student, but the school administrators and teachers usually want the troublesome child out of their school district. Well, before any action is taken, call our office to preserve your rights. Your child has a due process right and we will make sure to get the best possible relief.

Traffic Tickets

Did you get a traffic citation recently? If you answered yes, you know how it feels to get pulled over by a police officer and then wait for him to approach your car. You know what happens next, the officer asks for your license and registration. Then you have to wait for an eternity until the officer comes back to your vehicle and gives you a ticket for running that red light or other traffic offense. Sometimes we did absolutely nothing wrong, but get the ticket anyways, because the officer says we did something wrong.

We can help you fight your traffic tickets. Please give us a call at 586-244-8578 to schedule a phone consultation. An attorney can represent you in the traffic matter and you will not have to go to court.

Civil Litigation - Trial

Civil litigation encompasses litigation in district and circuit court. The litigation matter can vary but it will involve going to court and presenting your case to either a Judge or a Jury. We have been involved in many cases over the years. Trial can be intimidating to an inexperienced attorney but to an experienced litigator, it is second nature.

When you have a case that needs to go to court, do not be afraid to take the matter to trial. A trial can be a good way to receive the Justice you desire. Only an experienced litigator can properly present your case, so that your side of the story is finally heard.

When you have been wronged, or when you need to defend your rights, we are here to help you recover. Call now to schedule a consultation. 586/244.8578


These types of cases are usually filed in district court. The district court uses summary proceedings to bring landlord/tenant matters to a quick resolution. Generally speaking, when a landlord is seeking to evict a tenant, he/she must start with a notice to quit. The notice can vary in the length of time given to a tenant to vacate, but generally a 7 day notice to quit given because the tenant failed to pay rent. The 30 day notice to quit is given to remove the tenant and payment by the tenant can not cancel the eviction.

If you have received a Notice to Quit, or are seeking to evict a tenant, give our office a call to get the process started. Call 586.244.8578

Business/Commercial Litigation

Buying or selling a business can be a daunting process. As a buyer you will have many concerns about the valuation of the business and the potential for its growth. Sellers will have their own concerns regarding receiving adequate consideration and avoiding future liability.

Call us now, so we can get to work in helping you get the deal done. 586/244.8578