Prayer Times

The Rosary is Walking Again... at a new time!

Join us at 12 Noon Wednesdays in our Glorious, peripatetic, intercessory prayer for the USD Campus Community. We'll start from the atrium at Newman, and then go wherever the Holy Spirit leads us!

This week's liturgical schedule is:

MONDAY 11/12

Adoration 5-9 pm,

Confessions 8-9 p.m

Mass 915pm

TUESDAY 11/13:

Adoration + confessions 4-5 p.m.

Mass 5.15 p.m.


Adoration + confessions 8-10am

Glorious Rosary Walk 12 noon

Adoration + confessions, 4-5 p.m.

Mass: 5.15 p.m.


Adoration + Confessions 8-10 a.m.

Adoration + Confessions 7-8 p.m

Mass: 8:15pm

FRIDAY 11/16:

No Mass


Latin Mass (EF) 9 a.m.

SUNDAY 11/17

Mass 11am

Adoration + Confessions 4-5pm

Chanted Vespers 5pm

Mass 530pm (Uber-Traditional Smells+Bells)

See you there!

First Friday:

Every month on the First Friday we celebrate the love and mercy of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We also pray in reparation asking forgiveness for the sins against the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

First Saturday:

Every month on the First Saturday we celebrate the love of the Heart of Mary. We also pray in reparation asking forgiveness for sins against her Immaculate Heart.

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