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At the University of South Dakota

Welcome to St Thomas More Newman Center!

320 E Cherry St - Vermillion

Conveniently located just north of the MUC student center parking lot, across Cherry Street

Office: 605-624-2697

Mass Times

Sunday: 11am and 9pm

visit the Prayer Times page for weekday Mass times

Alumni Update

Congratulations to all those who graduated from USD this fall!

All though USD did not have a Fall Commencement, many students have completed their studies. To those of you who are moving on from USD, please know of our continued prayers for you as you begin a new life adventure! To those of you returning to USD or staying in the Vermillion area, our doors are always open!

If you graduated from USD or have moved on from the area, please take a moment to fill out our Alumni Update! We love to hear where the Lord has called you!

Capital Campaign

Are you a friend of campus ministry? Has campus ministry made an impact in your life?

Join others in helping us build a Capital Improvement Fund. Our goal is to build a fund of $500,000.00 to aid in much needed repairs and building improvements.

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BREAK THE MOLD: invite. inspire. equip.

Today more then ever, college students are in search of answers. What is God calling me to be? How will I live a life for Christ and grow my career? Where am I meant to serve? Catholic Campus ministry helps students discern these questions through the Sacraments, Bible studies and community activities. The Newman Center stands as a beacon of Christ helping students build their foundations for eternity as they build the foundations for their careers.

Looking for a way to meet new people?

Consider joining a bible study group! We have many different bible study groups from which to choose. Are you an athlete, in greek life, a graduate level student? We have a bible study specifically for you! Would you like to meet with others from your own Resident Hall? There's a bible study group for you too! Contact for more information on bible study groups or check out our list of current bible study groups for one that will fit your schedule.

Bible Study Group List

2017-2018 Bible Studies

Upcoming Events

Schedule Change

Monday, Feb 19

Due to the President's Day holiday and the CLU Gathering at Broom Tree, there will be no Mass or Adoration on Monday, February 19th. There will also be no RCIA. As an alternative, please see the following ad for the CLU Gathering.

CLU Gathering

Monday, Feb 19 @ Broom Tree

You are invited to Broom Tree for a gathering of Communion and Liberation University people form all over South Dakota. The evening will begin with Mass at 6:30pm followed by dinner. At 8:30pm there will be an opportunity to hear testimonials of how CLU has encouraged other to meet Jesus Christ in their daily life. Talk to Fr Jeff to carpool from the Newman Center.

Men's Night

Tuesdays @ 8pm

Both grad and undergrad men are invited to Men's Nights at Newman. Meet new friends, experience ways to live authentic Manhood, join a fellowship of other guys to run to heaven with.

Communion and Liberation University

Tuesdays @ 9pm

Join us for an opportunity to learn to meet Jesus Christ in your daily life.

Don't give up chocolate for Lent. Instead, take a 40-day journey to become the-best-version-of-yourself. Join your fellow students for Best Lent ever, a free email program designed to help you have a life-changing Lent. Every day you'll get inspirational videos, practical tips, and encouraging stories. Are you ready to have your Best Lent Ever?

Lenten Dollar Meal

Thursday @ 6pm

Come share dinner and fellowship Thursday after the 5:15pm Mass at the Dollar Dinner. This week's host: The Newman Neighbors. Dinner will be provided, all we ask is a $1 donation, but if you don't have the $1 you can still eat. Can't make it this week? Dollar Dinners will occur every Thursday at 6pm this semester!

Friday Basketball

Fridays @ 6am

Basketball at The Wellness Center. All are welcome.

Stations of the Cross

Fridays during Lent @ 3pm

Stations of the Cross will be Fridays during Lent followed by Divine Mercy Chaplet, all in the chapel.


Feb 27 @ 7pm

Grab your tennis shoes, tie your laces, and get ready to dodge, duck, and dive at the spring semester Dodgeball Game hosted by Newman Ambassadors!

CLU Spiritual Exercises Retreat

Mar 16-18 @ Broom Tree

Cost $160 per person. The $100 deposit deadline has been moved to February 10th. Please respect this deadline. If you need financial aid, contact Fr Pietro at

Register here!

Yotes for Life

Mark your calendars for Sunday, March 18th, 1-5pm! Yotes for Life will be participating in the Nationwide campaign 40 Days for Life! They will drive up to Sioux Falls to peacefully protest outside of Planned Parenthood.

If you would like to be added to the email list so you hear about upcoming events and ways to make a difference, please email and like and follow them on Facebook and Instagram!


Instagram: yotes_for_life


Who is Saint Thomas More?

Our Newman Center is named after him, but who is he?

​He was born into a prominent London family on ​February 7th, ​1478​. As a young boy he attended Catholic school. In 1492 he went to university at Oxford in England. In 1494 he became a lawyer. He became a member of parliament involved in the political activity of his country. He married and had 4 children. He was a defender of the Catholic Faith in England.​ He was knighted and worked as a member of the royal staff of King Henry VIII as his chancellor. When King Henry VIII was deciding to break away from the Catholic Church, Thomas could not support the king's decision. Thomas chose to resign from his position as the king's chancellor. King Henry wanted to divorce his wife Catherine and Thomas would not support his action. He was pressured, but did not sign an Oath​ declaring ​Ann Bo​leyn the new queen.​ King Henry had self-granted​ an a​n​nulment from​ his first wife ​Catherine​ and made himself the head of his newly founded Church of England​. Thomas refused to support the king's action and was locked in the tower of London as a result of his refusal. He was put to death by beheading on July 6th, ​1535​. We celebrate his feast day on June 22​ as a martyr of the Catholic Faith​.​ ​He is the patron saint of adopted children, lawyers, civil servants, politicians, and difficult marriages.

Beatification of an American Priest

On November 18th, an American man, Fr Solanus Casey, was beatified making him one step closer to becoming the next American saint.

Known for his great faith, attention to the sick, and ability as a spiritual counselor, he will be the second American-born male to be beatified.

He was very close to the sick and was highly sought-after throughout his life, in part because of the many physical healings attributed to his blessings and intercession. He was also a co-founder of Detroit’s Capuchin Soup Kitchen in 1929.