Welcome to St. Thomas More Newman Center!

320 E. Cherry Street, Vermillion

Just north of the MUC Parking lot, across Cherry Street

Join us tonight, Tuesday August 14, as we welcome our new team:

  • Mass 5.15 p.m. & Reception immediately following

Mass Times

Sunday: 11am

visit the Prayer Times page for weekday Mass times



I. Confess your sins to a priest, confident that Jesus is hearing them

II. Make a Holy Half-hour of prayer, before Jesus, in the tabernacle

III. Pray Vespers in the evening

May the LORD give you Peace!

Capital Campaign

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Join others in helping us build a Capital Improvement Fund. Our goal is to build a fund of $500,000.00 to aid in much needed repairs and building improvements.

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BREAK THE MOLD: invite. inspire. equip.

Today more then ever, college students are in search of answers. What is God calling me to be? How will I live a life for Christ and grow my career? Where am I meant to serve? Catholic Campus ministry helps students discern these questions through the Sacraments, Bible studies and community activities. The Newman Center stands as a beacon of Christ helping students build their foundations for eternity as they build the foundations for their careers.

Looking for a way to meet new people?

Consider joining a bible study group! We have many different bible study groups from which to choose. Are you an athlete, in greek life, a graduate level student? We have a bible study specifically for you! Would you like to meet with others from your own Resident Hall? There's a bible study group for you too! Contact steven.piorkowski@focus.org for more information on bible study groups or check out our list of current bible study groups for one that will fit your schedule.

Bible Study Group List

2017-2018 Bible Studies

Upcoming Events

Summer Break!

Summers at the Newman Center tend to be pretty quiet. Mass times are Sundays at 11am. For weekday Mass and Adoration times, please check our Facebook page at USD St. Thomas More Newman Center. If Father is here, he will schedule something and post it on Facebook.

Feel free to stop by the Newman Center if you are in the area this summer! Drop ins of alumni, incoming students, and high school students and their families touring campus are a welcome break from the relative quiet of Vermillion in the summer. The chapel is always open!

Who is Saint Thomas More?

Our Newman Center is named after him, but who is he?

​He was born into a prominent London family on ​February 7th, ​1478​. As a young boy he attended Catholic school. In 1492 he went to university at Oxford in England. In 1494 he became a lawyer. He became a member of parliament involved in the political activity of his country. He married and had 4 children. He was a defender of the Catholic Faith in England.​ He was knighted and worked as a member of the royal staff of King Henry VIII as his chancellor. When King Henry VIII was deciding to break away from the Catholic Church, Thomas could not support the king's decision. Thomas chose to resign from his position as the king's chancellor. King Henry wanted to divorce his wife Catherine and Thomas would not support his action. He was pressured, but did not sign an Oath​ declaring ​Ann Bo​leyn the new queen.​ King Henry had self-granted​ an a​n​nulment from​ his first wife ​Catherine​ and made himself the head of his newly founded Church of England​. Thomas refused to support the king's action and was locked in the tower of London as a result of his refusal. He was put to death by beheading on July 6th, ​1535​. We celebrate his feast day on June 22​ as a martyr of the Catholic Faith​.​ ​He is the patron saint of adopted children, lawyers, civil servants, politicians, and difficult marriages.

Beatification of an American Priest

On November 18th, an American man, Fr Solanus Casey, was beatified making him one step closer to becoming the next American saint.

Known for his great faith, attention to the sick, and ability as a spiritual counselor, he will be the second American-born male to be beatified.

He was very close to the sick and was highly sought-after throughout his life, in part because of the many physical healings attributed to his blessings and intercession. He was also a co-founder of Detroit’s Capuchin Soup Kitchen in 1929.