Program Overview

The EQ (Emotional Quotient- the ability to value, understand, and handle emotions) Ambassador program is a select group of students on campus who are peer mentors and leaders who support other students. EQ Ambassadors provide peer mentoring through one-on-one and small group interactions. This resource is vital because it prioritizes students' mental health, ultimately supporting their academic success and engagement in school. When students may not feel comfortable talking to staff or teachers, EQ Ambassadors offer the peer perspective that adults on campus cannot provide.

To facilitate self-advocacy, students can access this support through self-referrals. Please click on the link below or scan the QR Code. You can encourage your student to email Mr. Lopez ( to sign up and find an Ambassador. Get to know your SES EQ ambassadors below. 

Know your SES EQ Ambassadors

Amarie-Sanaa O.

Hi! I am Amarie-Sanaa Denise Owens and I am currently a senior. I have been at the School of Engineering and Sciences since the seventh grade. I enjoy my engineering class and playing basketball. I am also a member of FRC on the electrical team. I became an EQ ambassador to accompany kids when they feel like they are alone through tough times. My goal is to make kids happy with themselves and confident in their own abilities. I am available Tuesdays after school. 

Askari K.

Hey! I'm Askari Kambon, I've been going to SES for 6 years and currently finishing my senior year. I enjoy participating in Key Club and other activities outside of school. My goal as an EQ Ambassador is to be a role model that students can look to for guidance and advice. I'm available on Mondays after school if you need advice or just need someone to lend an ear. 

Cassandra B.

Hi my name is Cassandra Beltran Serrano and I've been attending SES since 7th grade. My favorite class is English. I became an EQ ambassador to be a person that students feel safe talking to, and making them feel like they're not alone and that they are heard. I am available on Monday after school.  

Heavenne O.

I am Heavenne Ocampo. I've been at SES since 7th grade and am currently a Senior. My favorite class in school right now is my Robotics class because we get to make so many fun things. I am also in FRC.  I became an EQ Ambassador to help guide students in whatever way they need. My goal is to make students who come and talk to me feel a sense of guidance and comfort. I am available on Tuesdays if you ever need someone to talk to or help you with anything.

Yahaira O.

I'm Yahaira Olvera. I've been a student at SES since 7th grade I am now a Senior. My favorite class is English, and my favorite sport is soccer. I became an EQ ambassador in hopes of being an extra person students can feel comfortable talking to, I hope that I am able to help the students that reach out to me in whatever way that I can. I am available on Wednesday if you need someone to talk to or maybe just someone that will listen to anything that you'd like to get off your mind.

Benaiah K.

Jesus R.

Hey. I'm Jesus Retes. I have been at SES since the 7th grade. I love engineering and my favorite club is Robotics and I'm the Robotics Captain! I became an EQ ambassador because I also had an older student mentor me back when I was in middle school, so I feel like it's my turn to help out the students of this school. I hope that I can motivate students to get excited to learn! I am available every Tuesday after school if you ever want to talk.

Jordan N.

Hello! My name is Jordan Neal and I have been at SES for 5 years, and am currently a Senior. My favorite class is Robotics, mainly due to all the activities that we do, that fit  right with my interests. In addition, I am also a part of the school's FRC team. I became an EQ ambassador because I am very thankful for all of the opportunities given to me by this school, and wanted a good way to give back. My goal is that for anytime a student wants to talk to me, I am able to make their day even a little better. If you need support in any way, you can come see me after school on Tuesdays.


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