Breakout @ SEMS

On this website you will be able to sign out the use of the school's Breakout Boxes, tips for success, how to find information about the creating Breakout lesson (both physical and digital) as well as how to reset the Breakout locks. Please refer here if you any questions or contact Stephanie Coleman at or calling extension 2137.

Suggestions for running a Successful Breakout

  • Color code your materials for each box or team when you have multiple, ie. Blue team, gets the blue clues, hints, etc. (The boxes and locks have already been coded either by color or number)
  • Choose a Breakout that is age and group size appropriate.
  • Only allow one person from each team at a time up to the breakout box
  • Use a google form to help manage students crowding around the breakout box or trying random combinations and possibly breaking your locks
  • Keep a hidden sheet of all your combinations, in case you forget or a lock is stuck for the students.
  • Its also helpful to keep a checklist to track each team’s progress.
  • Avoid giving help unnecessarily, instead come up with some pre-planned clues or suggestions to help struggling teams (without giving away the answer).

Currently each of the boxes contain:

  • Large Red Tool Box
  • Small Locking Bag
  • Key Lock
  • 2- 5 Letter Word Locks
  • 4 Letter Word Lock
  • Directional Lock
  • 4 Digit Lock
  • 3 Digit Lock
  • A Hasp
  • A UV Flashlight
  • A Lock Parking Lot

If you need to use an Invisible UV Ink Pen you may borrow from Mrs. Coleman