Department of Anthropology

University of Haifa

What is anthropology and who might be interested in studying anthropology?

Anthropology explores the meaning people give to their lives. Anthropology examines and literally gazes at a wide range of phenomena allowing scholars to understand the logic embedded within social and cultural behavior.

What is anthropological knowledge?

Anthropological knowledge is holistic and multifaceted. In order to gain a profound understanding of culture in all its complexity, anthropological research integrates different levels of knowledge: knowledge that is expressed in words and text; knowledge that is embodied and therefore far more tacit and ‘slippery; practical knowledge, encapsulated in behavior and interaction; and historical knowledge embedded in symbols, holy texts, or cultural artifacts.

What does Anthropology study?

Anthropology studies what is distant, ‘other’ and exotic but also what is ‘close to home’ and familiar. It touches upon every area of human life: food, politics, religion, medicine, psychology, emotions, economics, identities, homes, consumption, violence and more.