Serendipity's Haven

Established 2002

Copper - Sire

Copper is a bright, friendly and trainable companion. He loves getting his toys out of his toy box and scattering them through the house. He has a beautiful mega liver colored coat which is softer, silky and thicker than traditional. He has sired his first few litters and produced some amazing pups.

Hilda - Dam

Hilda, my newest beautiful girl. Hilda is very affectionate. Friendly with people. She has a beautiful mega coat which is easy to comb and keep up. Hilda loves chasing the other dogs and playing keep away.

Sadee - Dam

Our parti-colored Sadee has got it all in one small package. She is intelligent, affectionate, and has an extroverted personality that’s twice as big as she is. She loves to go for rides, sitting next to me on the couch and running as fast as she an in the yard. She is the sweetest girl you could ever ask for.

Nellie - Dam

Nellie is a hardy 17 pound, alert, spunky girl. Her black coat has lovely silver tips. She is somewhat fearless around other dogs, and holds her own in our pack. She is sociable dogs that love to be with her people.

Davis and Ida are now Retired

Davis - Sire

Davis is a beautiful salt and pepper. He gets along well with the other dogs, a wonderful schnauzer trait. He has the classic Miniature Schnauzer bushy beard and eyebrows. He loves his tummy rubbed, he thinks he can talk to you. He is energetic, playful and a great watchdog. He is a real sweetheart.

Ida - Dam

Ida is a solid black with beautiful conformation. She is tough, muscular and fearless but not aggressive, a glimpse of the schnauzer heritage as a farm dog. She enjoys playing in the yard with her sisters and brothers.

We have enjoyed many puppies form our retired doggies, but we only bread for a short time . Davis and Ida are now retired and just enjoying being spoiled.

Dixie Plunkett Mini Schnauzer Puppy Breeder

We have retired Skeeter. We are no longer breeding Snorkies. We have decided to just breed Miniature Schnauzers.

We are a Home-based breeder of Miniature Schnauzers. Our dogs are all part of the family and our daily companions. They have a large secure yard that they get to enjoy. Each one has it’s own indoor kennel for sleeping and to be able to have quiet time from the pack. Our daughters and grand kids live local and visit often which gives my dogs and puppies great socializing. Puppies are born and raised right in my living room and have my utmost attention to help them be ready for your home.

Our breeding experience began 40 years or more ago. We bred and raised German Shepherds while raising kids. As our kids began to move out and, I was feeling the effects of aging a bit, we began looking for a smaller breed to enjoy. We had already gotten our beloved companion ‘Skeeter’ a Snorkie ( Miniature Schnauzer and Yorkie). She was such a devoted little dog. She followed me everywhere I went, never under my feet, just beside me. We have since gotten a second Snorkie and bred them for a bit, until finally settling on breeding solely AKC Miniature Schnauzers.

In addition to the Schnauzers we have always had a large breed companion dog for my husband. Currently, Zeke, a Golden Retriever. This gives the Schnauzers exposure to a larger dog which again is great for their socializing.