Summer reading list 2018-2019

Reading of classical texts and modern essays

  1. Please read in English translation the following:

Vergil, Aeneid

Books 1, 2, 4, 6,

Caesar, Gallic War

Books 1, 6, 7

Any translation in English or Latin-English edition would be fine. If you prefer, the following links will direct you to simple online (but not completely literal) translations. While reading, for each book complete the attached scheme (see second page - add more if necessary), focusing on significant themes, central characters, and key ideas in the Latin passages. This will help us to reconstruct the plots and remember the main events of each story.



Note for the students:

The reading list above includes most of the required readings in English from Vergil's Aeneid and Caesar’s Gallic War for your AP exam.

b) Articles

Read these two articles on Caesar from the Landmark Caesar project.

  1. Gaul in Caesar’s time by Olivier Büchsenschütz (pp. 40-44)
  2. Romans, Germans, and Germania by Maureen Carroll (pp. 48-52).

Both articles are available to you here, but you can also download them from the internet at the link (please follow pages indicated in this document).