Amanda and Vickie’s vision for their law firm began with the simple notion that almost every family with a special needs child, who attends a public school setting, would require some form of advocacy to obtain the placement and services their individual child requires to access their education.

Amanda and Vickie are not only advocating for children with special needs, they are empowering families with knowledge of their rights and responsibilities. It is with this notion, vision, and passion that Amanda and Vickie have established Selogie & Brett.

Selogie & Brett, LLP—a boutique and private law firm located in Garden Grove, California which services all of Southern California—was founded on the principle that all children deserve a quality public education and deserve quality representation to obtain that. At Selogie & Brett, LLP, the attorneys practice in the niche area of special education law and their focus is to provide children living with disabilities an equal opportunity to access their education in the public school system.

Selogie and Brett, LLP provides the highest quality of legal representation to its clients and services range from advocacy at Individualized Education Program meetings to drafting and filing of Due Process Hearing Requests. Selogie and Brett, LLP also provides representation in Limited Conservatorships and Guardianships as well as the creation of Special Needs Trusts for its clients.

Selogie & Brett, LLP also commits itself to serving the community by providing pro-bono or “low-bono” services to those families who qualify for such assistance. Selogie & Brett, LLP also seeks to empower its clients and the community by providing free informational presentations, workshops, and written materials about special education law.

Selogie & Brett, LLP attorneys pride themselves on becoming a team member in your child’s education so that they can help your child reach their full potential in the public school system.