Dr. Davinder K. Sidhu

Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services

Educational Services Division is committed to providing guidance and support to foster and build capacity for all stakeholders by utilizing best practices informed by data to ensure access and equity for all.

Guiding Principles

We will lead with integrity using reciprocal accountability.

We will commit to using multiple data points to ensure success of the whole student as leading learners.

We will commit to modeling continuous inquiry, cycles of improvement, and be results oriented.

We will commit to being courageous leaders who are transparent, model a growth mindset, and build the capacity of ourselves and others as we learn side by side.

We commit to building coherent systems and structures that are sustainable and guided by data.

The Educational Services Division oversees and supervises program implementation of all education support programs provided through each of its departments:

Dr. Davinder K. Sidhu

Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services

"Making all decisions based on the best interest of students."

Dr. Sidhu is entering her 26th year in public education. This is her first year as the assistant superintendent with Selma USD. She began her teaching career with Kerman USD in 1993, joined Fresno USD in 1996 and served there for 22 years. Dr. Sidhu taught grades 3-6, carried out duties as a vice-principal in elementary school, program manager in elementary and middle school, and served as the principal of Wishon Elementary for 9 years.

Her leadership objectives include:

  • Ensure all students are on track to graduate so they have many choices post-graduation for college success and career readiness. Prepare students with 21st century skills; critical thinking, emotional intelligence coupled with a strong work ethic promoting resilience.
  • Create strong professional learning communities that promote a collaborative culture among all stakeholders. Lead from the middle and generate conditions to allow innovation, continually improve systems through data driven decisions by applying cycle of continuous improvement, follow through with mutually agreed-upon approaches and plans, build capacity by providing meaningful feedback through cognitive coaching, create and implement reciprocal accountability, be courageous and vulnerable as a leading learner.

Our Team:

Brenda Lopez

Admin Assistant to Assist. Superintendent

phone: 559-898-6500 ext. 46504

Stella Padron-Duarte

Director, Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment (CIA)

email: Spadron-duarte@selmausd.orgg
phone: 559-898-6500 ext. 6518

Norma Barajas-Ruiz

Director, State and Federal Programs

email: 559-898-6500 ext. 46522

Drew Sylvia

Director, Alternative Education

phone: 559-898-6670 ext. 47299

Dr. Diane Gischel-Lingo

Coordinator, Special Education and Student Services

email: 559-898-6500 ext. 46515

Wayne Dixon

Coordinator, Pupil Services

phone: 559-898-6670 ext. 47299

Sandra Aguilera

Coordinator, Assessment, Prevention, & MTSS

phone: 559-898-6500

Tim Smith

Coordinator, Induction & Professional Learning

phone: 559-898-6686 ext. 47831

Maria Petropulos

Coordinator, Library Media

phone: 559-898-6650 ext. 47091