MeriterRN 2023 Contract Negotiations

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Bargaining Updates

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Forthcoming Scheduled MeriterRNs Bargaining Sessions

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8:45am - 5pm

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Lavonda Hayes

Surgical/Orthopedic Unit RN

Bargaining Team member

“What I need to better perform my job is a working sustainable wage. Inflation has gone through the roof. I also need compassion, respect and dignity from our upper management as a whole and equipment that is suitable for our needs and for the patients.”

Meriter nurses are united for respect, protection and a voice so we can care for ourselves, our families and our patients. 

For the past three years, nurses at UnityPoint Health-Meriter Hospital have continued serving our community on the front lines of the covid pandemic, risking our lives and the lives of our families to provide quality, compassionate patient care. We continue to struggle with grueling schedules, short staffing, COVID-19. and numerous safety and security issues that jeopardize quality patient care, all while attempting to reach some measure of work-life balance. 

During our union contract bargaining, we intend to set new standards to get our community through the pandemic and beyond. UnityPoint Health-Meriter has enjoyed massive profits in recent years and received hundreds of millions of dollars in federal government support during the pandemic. They already have the resources to address our concerns and raise standards. They simply need to prioritize frontline nurses, our families and our patients.

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MeriterRN Contract Action Team (CAT) Updates

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