Seedlings Garden Group

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Come garden with us!

Seedlings Garden Group is a non-profit organization created to bring gardening programs to schools- not only to teach a valuable skill, but to enrich learning experiences.  Our garden club strives to create an outdoor classroom for all subjects and grade levels.  Kids make a social/emotional connection with the plants they grow, we teach our kids to "hug" the starts they put in the garden (see picture below!)  Kids learn to grow a sustainable garden, cultivate their own food, care for our garden's ecosystem and wildlife while working together as a community.  

Most importantly, any and all students are able to attend as our afterschool program is free to all students.  We are funded through personal and business donations so your support is greatly appreciated!

Would you like to become a participating school?  No gardening skills necessary, having fun is the only requirement!  Contact us via email to get started!


Kids being able to touch, taste and smell what they grow helps connect them to our earth in a tangible way!

This is how we hug a plant!

Love how the seeds feel and we reuse the seeds!