Kids SecuriDay Code of Conduct for Participants

Code of Conduct for Participants

Parents/Guardians of the Participant (or Participants, if over 18 years of age) retain duty of care for the Participant at all times.

  1. Participants must obey all lawful and reasonable instructions from the Kids SecuriDay organising staff and mentors such as (but not limited to) all instructions, directions and procedures relating to work health and safety in operation at the event premises.
  2. Participants must not consume, use, or be in possession of alcohol, or any illegal substances whilst participating in the Kids SecuriDay event.
  3. Once registered with the event registration staff, Participants must not depart from the event building without the approval of the event registration staff.
  4. Participants should be aware that they are representing their school, family, organisation or business and Kids SecuriDay. Participants should not engage in behaviour during their participation that harms the reputation of, or discredits, any of the above. Participants will be expected to be on their best behaviour at all times, this includes but is not limited to complying with this code of conduct.
  5. No disrespect of other Participants, presenters, Kids SecuriDay staff, mentors or any other attendees at the event will be tolerated under any circumstances.
  6. If Participants have any problems or concerns, they are to report them to the Kids SecuriDay staff or event organiser as soon as possible.
  7. There is to be:
    1. Respect for the venue and all property;
    2. No interference with other people’s property;
    3. No use of venue telecommunications and other services (except as part of workshop expectations);
  8. If under 18 years of age the Participant’s parent(s)/guardian will be liable for any damage or loss caused to Kids SecuriDay or the event host property and premises resulting from the Participant’s conduct.
  9. Once signed in, Participants must attend all approved activities (including meals if allocated) unless given permission to do otherwise by the Kids SecuriDay staff. Attendance will be recorded frequently to ensure participants are accounted for throughout the event.
  10. Participants must wear enclosed footwear.
  11. Participants are required to take care of their possessions whilst at the venue. Kids SecuriDay will not be held liable for any loss or damage to Participants’ possessions.

Breaches of any Code of Conduct Rules may lead to immediate expulsion from the Kids SecuriDay event.