Rural Development through Land Stewardship

This web site has been developed to support collaboration between participants in the RVCC Rural Development through Land Stewardship working group. Here you will find items that are currently being worked on by the group, suggested reading, notices of important dates and other hot news.

RDLS Purpose and Goals

The purpose of the RDLS working group is to catalyze ideas, policies and actions that promote sustainable economic development in rural communities through active land stewardship. This working group will work collaboratively to generate the following contributions to RVCC:

  1. Develop and recommend innovative rural policy and investment priorities
  2. Secure greater interest in and investment of philanthropic and investor capital
  3. Foster a new generation of rural and regional practitioners to innovative practice
  4. Develop a core group of community leaders and a toolkit to share RDLS practices throughout the west

Actively Working On

We have drafts of three documents that we are hoping to get your feedback on, including:

Nils's Reading Room

Selected publications that can inform RDLS efforts.