Program Overview

Program Overview

The Global Biomedical Service Program is an academically based service initiative that provides undergraduates with a unique opportunity to participate in delivering clinical services to under-served communities internationally, and to undertake an enriching cross cultural experience while doing so.

The 2017 GBS program will be focused on working in conjunction with students from Hong Kong Polytechnic University to provide orthotic services to children in need in southern China.

The GBS program is a collaboration between Penn Engineering and Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU). This program will give participants hands-on clinical experience working with patients.

While in mainland China, participants will work with a formal orthosis facility that aids children with developmental disabilities. Working in small teams and paired with undergraduates from PolyU, Penn participants will first measure the patient for the orthotic device.

Students will work together to design and build the orthotic that they will properly fit for use by the patient. These activities will be done by the students themselves with the guidance of facility and staff. This gives Penn students the opportunity to use their theoretical education to practically and directly improve a human being's functioning capabilities, leading to greater opportunities for a productive life.

In addition to providing direct clinical service, students will visit various other facilities and institutions while in mainland china. Students will also have the opportunity to learn about Chinese economy and culture, as well as social issues surrounding health, illness, and disease.

The GBS program is comprised of an 8-week preparation course prior to departure, and a 16-day on-site program. Students will receive 2 credit units for the successful completion of the program. One of which can be used to satisfy a SSH requirement and the other for a Career Path requirement.