Web-Based Supplemental Curriculum

Online Subscriptions

Funding requests are due to our CTE office by August 3, 2020 for Perkins funding.

Microsoft Certifications

Gmetrix is a program that allows students to practice taking Microsoft Office Specialist certification exams. If you request Perkins to pay for GMetrix (MOS practice tests), you MUST request Microsoft certification vouchers. This request is allocated on a quarterly basis.

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification provides industry-leading assessments of skills and knowledge, giving students and professionals real-world exercises to appraise their understanding of Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) is the way to differentiate technology competency and explore academic and career options.

Microsoft Technical Certifications are the starting point for all students interested in understanding cloud offerings from Microsoft including: Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Dynamics.

The Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) program provides robust tools that help educators drive best-in-class integration of information and communication technology (ICT) into classroom instruction.

Innovative, Online CTE Curriculum & Instructional Materials

iCEV’s online curriculum platform is changing the way Career and Technical Education programs prepare students for the workforce. With standards-aligned courses, iCEV is leading the way in bridging the gap between education and industry certification testing.

Agricultural Science

Family & Consumer Sciences

Architecture, Construction, Transportation, & Manufacturing

Health Science

Business, Marketing, Finance, IT, & Media

Law, Public Safety, Corrections, & Security

Career Exploration


Stukent is a digital courseware provider focused on improved education through up-to-date textbooks, real-world simulations and other instructional resources to help educators help students help the world.


  • Social Media Marketing

  • Principles of Marketing

  • (New) Digital Marketing Simulation


  • Advertising

  • Analytics

  • Consumer Behavior

  • Design

  • Digital Marketing

  • Marketing Research

  • Principles of Marketing

  • Simulations

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Writing and Content Marketing

  • Expert Sessions

Peak Performance U

Online platform to address soft skills that align with business & industry expectations for those students striving to attain post-secondary education or to enter the workforce directly.

Learning Blade introduces the student to STEM technologies and career opportunities through an entertaining game-based format. In this system, the student pursues engaging missions that solve a problem such as helping an injured dolphin, building an orphanage after a major earthquake, or solving energy and transportation needs in a new city. Students can select missions from our ever-growing library.

To complete the mission, students must earn tools and the assistance of teammates that correspond to various STEM activities and careers. To earn these students must complete short activities that expose the students to interesting aspects of STEM.

Each mission includes a complete toolbox of interactive lessons, hands-on projects, design thinking activities, 3D printing and coding resources and parent engagement activities.