Industry Certifications

Practice Tests to prepare for the Microsoft Office Certification exam

Valid from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019

Because the Arkansas Department of Career Education is no longer requiring Career and Technical Education End-of-Course Exams, we are now using industry certification tests to measure the federal technical skill attainment performance indicator. These certifications must be obtained in grades 9-12.

Project has been approved allocating $1,000.00 per school district in the Perkins budget to reimburse you for this expense. Certification reimbursements requests will be paid on a first-come first-serve basis. If you exceed your $1,000.00 allocation, we will hold your requests until the end of the year and pay with remaining year-end funds not utilized by other districts, similar to how we reimburse travel and professional development expenses.

Perkins can reimburse for up to two tests per student, but only if the student failed the first attempt. We will not pay for a second test just so the student can have the opportunity to improve their score. Also, the industry certification must be included on the attached list of recognized certifications in Arkansas.

Request for Industry Certifications Funding is January 11, 2019

Documentation needed for reimbursement:

  1. Cover Letter on District Letterhead Requesting Reimbursement
  2. Invoice
  3. Proof of Payment (Copy of the Check, APSCN Report, Receipt)
  4. Class Roster Indicating Student Name, Pass/Fail, Ten-Digit Triand Number (State ID), and the Name of the Specific Certification Earned
    • ask our office for the form

Please keep a copy of all certificates on file in your classroom for future documentation.

Don't forget - there are several free options to utilize at your district in regards to certification opportunities. For example, Microsoft Office Specialist, MTA Microsoft Technology Associate (Computer Science), National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC), and EverFi Digital Literacy and Financial Literacy are no cost options for your high schools.

Have we missed a certification?

Please submit information pertaining to an industry certification industry recognizes in Arkansas:

Industry Certification ADD form

Periodically the state receives a state-wide job postings report. This document contains two additional tabs at the bottom.

The "Certifications" tab lists job posting that reference to a specific certification.

Those results are ranked by frequency the certification is mentioned. Certifications highlighted in yellow are those certifications students may, or are, already earning during their secondary education experience.

The "Skills" tab lists specific skills desired by applicants.

Dropbox Link

Providing the technology skills and certifications students need to succeed in a tech-driven economy.

  • Must receive vouchers from ACE at the beginning of school year (limited amount)- Contact Gayle Betts

NCRC & ACT WorkKeys Assessments & Curriculum

Beginning this school year, every school district in the state will be provided a license for the ACT WorkKeys Assessments and Curriculum through a state-wide contract. Schools that do not currently have a license may complete a Google form on the Arkansas Department of Career Education's website to request a license and become a testing site. It is your school district's responsibility to request the free license for your district. Students completing the ACT WorkKeys Assessments will earn the National Career Readiness Certificate. Each student will be provided two tests, but only if they fail their first attempt. Students will not be allowed to test twice to improve their score.

Google Request Form for ACT WorkKeys License:

  • FREE for teachers and students
  • Prefered to get certification at the Jr. High Level than High School Level